Amazon device is very effective for drying clothes and saves money on drying

Amazon device is very effective for drying clothes and saves money on drying


As the cost of living remains high, considering the costs of running household appliances and how to reduce these can help cut down on expensive bills.

Using a clothes airer can help to dry clothes more quickly and efficiently than air-drying, plus they avoid using costly tumble dryers.

With the colder months approaching, laundry can take longer to dry, plus leaving laundry out for hours on end can result in excessive moisture or even mould.

While tumble dryers are always an option, not every household owns one and they are very costly to run, however heated airers are much more energy efficient and therefore can be cheaper to use.

For families who wash clothes often but want to cut down on tumble-drying, a heated airer could be a good option.

Investing in the new device doesn’t have to break the bank, as the Oypla Electrical Extendable Heated Airer is curently £39.99 on Amazon, and could save money in the long run.

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The heated airer features plenty of hanging surface, with eight bars to spread clothes out on, and a folding design which can be configured for small or large spaces.

Not only is it cheaper to run than a tumble dryer, but it can also be more gentle on clothes, without the risk of shrinkage, so households don’t have to compromise on the condition of their clothes.

The airer folds flat and is lightweight so is easy to store and move around and can be put out of sight when not in use.

Some reviews do mention that the airer works better for smaller items, as larger items can take quite a long time to dry.

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Many shoppers are loving how ‘effective’ and ‘powerful’ the airer is.

Jane said: ”This is a very effective way to dry clothes. It’s the same principle as drying over a radiator, so you need to move clothes around a bit. I’m very impressed. It’s a powerful little thing for a good price. It will save me money because I won’t tumble dry so much. It was a bit tricky to attach the legs…you need a strong arm to press the legs into the clips, but you only have to do that once. After doing that, it’s good to go. I’m happy with my purchase.”

Julie Hammond commented: ”Purchased for my father, he loves it and has been a great help for him during the winter.”

Colin Kenny said: ”It’s very light to move around but its not very good for large items like towels and bed sheets.”

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