Aquarius celebrities: Which famous faces have the Aquarius star sign? | The Sun

Aquarius celebrities: Which famous faces have the Aquarius star sign? | The Sun


TRAILBLAZING Aquarians love to do their own thing, so it's no wonder so many of them have made a name for themselves.

Read on to find out which celebs, born between January 21 and February 18, fall under the sign of the water bearer.

Which celebrities have an Aquarius star sign?

Harry Styles

This pop star turned actor definitely channels the creative energy and individuality of his Aquarius sign.

The water bearer tends to value freedom and self-expression, which matches Harry's departure from One Direction in favour of pursuing a solo career.

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Oprah Winfrey

Not only has she worked her own way to the top, but she's also a prime example of how humanitarian this air sign can be.

Talk show guru and philanthropist Oprah couldn't possibly be more Aquarian!

Jennifer Aniston

This Friends star has also conquered the big screen several times over and, despite her massive fame, tends to value her privacy.

This is a very Aquarius thing to do, as this sign prefers to be surrounded by small groups of trusted loved ones rather than swathes of adoring fans.

Justin Timberlake

Like Harry Styles, Justin is another example of a boy-band Aquarius making the successful shift to a solo career.

There's no doubt that he's been helped along by his sign's ability to think outside the box.

Ed Sheeran

Easy-going Ed fully embodies the relaxed and confident energy of an Aquarius.

Born near the end of the Aquarian season, he is less eccentric and unpredictable than his water bearer counterparts.

Ellen DeGeneres

Enterprising Ellen's charity work definitely displays the humanitarian and philanthropic aspects of her Aquarius sign.

With her moon in Aries, the independent streak of her star sign is even more emphasised.

Portia de Rossi

This Arrested Development actress also happens to share a star sign with her wife Ellen DeGeneres.

Having two air signs in the relationship means that communication is likely to be strong.

Alicia Keys

The immensely talented Alicia Keys is the epitome of Aquarian creativity.

Her moon is in the sign of Libra, meaning that she will always strive to keep her emotions well-balanced.

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Yoko Ono

Endlessly creative Ono has her Sun, Venus, and Saturn all in the eccentric sign of Aquarius.

Her husband John Lennon was a Libra but his Moon was in Aquarius, which could explain the deep emotional connection they had.

Tom Hiddleston

Versatile actor Hiddleston has wowed us in everything from Marvel movies to Shakespeare plays.

He truly embodies the creativity and drive of his Aquarius sign.

Michael B. Jordan

This Black Panther star is yet another actor who is an Aquarius, proving this sign's strong compatibility with a career on the silver screen.

Michael Jordan

Coincidentally, this famous basketball player shares a name as well as a star sign with the Black Panther actor.

His Moon is in Sagittarius, giving him an optimistic and carefree edge.


This world-famous singer has given us a range of blockbuster hits over the years and has recently spit with fellow Aquarius and Barcelona star Gerard Pique.

The Weeknd

As an Aquarius, famous musician The Weeknd has shown assertiveness, creativity, and a tendency to be somewhat enigmatic.

Laura Dern

This hard-working Aquarius has been acting nearly all her life. Her most recent credits include Marriage Story and Little Women.

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Chloë Grace Moretz

This Aquarius star is purportedly an astrology fan herself, even going so far as to familiarise herself with the star sign of different roles she plays.

John Travolta

This famous actor has his Sun in Aquarius with a Virgo Moon, making him more likely to be down-to-earth than other water bearers.

Elizabeth Olsen

The younger sister of the famous twins (who happen to be Geminis: how perfect!), this Aquarius has her Moon in Cancer, meaning that emotions and intuition play an especially important role.

Evan Peters

With his creative and unique Aquarius energy it feels as if this actor's roles in American Horror Story were written in the stars for him.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is a quadruple Aquarius, with Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus all being in this sign.

And his wife actress Mila Kunis is a double Leo, with these signs complimenting each other well.

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