Britney Spears spent thousands on 'superficial glitz' to mask the divorce pain, but is missing key factor, expert says | The Sun

Britney Spears spent thousands on 'superficial glitz' to mask the divorce pain, but is missing key factor, expert says | The Sun


BRITNEY Spears is no stranger to navigating heartache or having to get straight back on her feet after a breakup.

But according to a psychologist, the singer’s painful marriage split with Sam Asghari has seen her adopt unhealthy tactics to cope.

Britney, 41 has been sharing her life as a singleton on social media since splitting from Sam, 29.

In the run-up to her memoir release, The Woman in Me, she posted about driving a new car.

She also said she had shelled out on a puppy named Snow and talked about buying a new horse.

On Wednesday Britney shared an image of herself in a beige sweater.

She sported straight glossy blond hair, showing a switch up of her look too.

Britney captioned her post: “First time doing portraits.”

Psychologist Jo Hemmings said the pop icon has shown signals ofundealt with emotional difficulty.

Sam and Britney's split came amid allegations of cheating, as well as an explosive argument.

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The mom of two kept up her presence online. Britney has not had any quiet time to grieve.

In an exclusive interview, Hemmings told The U.S. Sun: “Britney is spending money and indulging her whims, which will bring some short-term comfort.

“She looks to have been spending thousands on throwing newness into her life.

"This is her trying to effect change, but as fast as possible.

“She has been buying new things to make herself feel better and get comfort.

"Once the glitz and comfort of superficial change wear off, she could find herself in some undealt with emotional difficulty."

Hemmings believed Britney's post-divorce behaviors show a struggle to reinvent herself.

“Britney bought a new car and got herself a cute new puppy," she added.

"These purchases are indicative of wanting to reinvent herself.

"They are about leaving her period of conservatorship and her failed marriage behind.

“This is about Britney struggling to find her identity.

“She wants to try and look a bit different – her straightened hair and gleaming, white teeth are a sign of her low self-esteem.”

The Toxic singer and Sam met in 2016 and were engaged by September 2021.

After Britney's 13-year conservatorship ended, the couple married in a lavish ceremony in June.

The pop star celebrated her big day alongside celeb pals, Madonna and Selena Gomez.

Britney also spared no expense on her big day.

Brithey's two sons Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, did not attend.

Neither did her mom, dad, or sister Jamie Lynn. The family's long-term feud over Britney's conservatorship was in the background.

Now Hemmings believes Britney is spending money in an attempt to keep up the pretense.

“In social media terms, it would seem Britney is doing fairly well.

“She is putting on a confident, 'I’m all good’ presentation to the world.

“In reality, her haste in making all these changes in her life probably means that she has not spent time considering her feelings.

"Britney should be giving herself enough time to heal.”

Sam, by contrast, has been seen out and about enjoying time at lavish parties and Hollywood galas.

Hemmings previously told The U.S Sun that the former personal trainer had been curating a Messiah-type image.

In the run-up to the divorce, he was busy on Instagram showing his naked torso and working on a movie set.

Hemmings noted the pair's coping behaviors are common. 

“For Sam that might mean going out more," she said.

“For Britney, we all know that a shopping spree or having beauty tweakments can take the edge off unhappiness.

“All these behaviors can also mask the pain.

"If we do not also address the real issues at the time, it will not make much difference in the long-term.

“It can even make us feel worse ultimately and it is not a healthy way to behave.”

Previously Britney managed a divorce from her childhood friend Jason Alexander.

They married in Las Vegas in 2004 and split 55 hours later.

At the time, Britney told E! Online: "I think I was running away from something, I didn't quite know what."

That same year, she married dancer Kevin Federline.

They divorced in 2007 ahead of the conservatorship.

Hemmings suggested the Hold Me Closer hitmaker get support.

“If Britney is doing all this in parallel to counseling, then it might last," she said.

"But if she is doing this as a substitute for counseling, then she is using instant gratification tactics to numb all the pain.

“Britney needs to process real change now.

"She should seek professional advice and stick with it.

"There are a lot of layers of trauma to peel back in Britney’s life.

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"A quick fix will not work for her.

“It may be quite distressing for her, but in the long-term, it is the only way to effect real and healthy change in her life moving forward."

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