Cleaning expert reveals VODKA is the secret to perfectly crinkle-free sheets – and she’s ditched the iron completely

Cleaning expert reveals VODKA is the secret to perfectly crinkle-free sheets – and she’s ditched the iron completely


WOULDN'T it be great if there was a simple way to get your bedding completely wrinkle-free after washing them – without having to iron them?

Well, according to a savvy home stylist, there is – and you don't need to buy any cleaning products either.

Liz Amaya, from Brisbane, Australia shared her secret recipe for an easy anti-wrinkle spray which stops linen from creasing.

The magic ingredient is something you probably already have too, as she revealed vodka is the secret weapon.

Liz shared a video on her Instagram page which showed just how to make up the handy spray.

In a spray bottle, she combined one cup of water, half a cup on vinegar, a few drops of essential oils and two tablespoons of the white alcoholic spirit.

After making the bed, Liz simply sprays over the area, but notes that you should make sure the bedding is flat when drying to help eliminate wrinkles.

Once the spray settles, wrinkles will start to disappear.

Naturally, Liz' followers were blown away by the use of vodka for home cleaning with many vowing to try it themselves.

"Wait!!! what?!! Another save for this gem of a hack," one person raved.

"Vodka? who would have thought!" said another.

According to Taste of Home, the high alcohol content of vodka means it's the ideal choice for a strong disinfectant that can be added to homemade sprays when cleaning.

It can be used for various home chores too including to shine chrome fixtures, streak-free mirrors and glass, to disinfect mattresses and it will also remove mildew. 

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