Cleaning fan left fuming as Mrs Hinch's secret spoon hack goes wrong and floods her kitchen

Cleaning fan left fuming as Mrs Hinch's secret spoon hack goes wrong and floods her kitchen


CLEANING hacks aren't hard to come by these days, with the internet rife with tips and tricks and influencers, like Mrs Hinch, sharing their advice and must-have products with fans.

If you're anything like us, you're forever making a note of all the different quick and easy hacks to try – but while they may look fail-safe, one woman was left fuming when she pulled apart her sink in a hack gone wrong.

TikTok user Vicky (@veggiev3) was inspired by a secret spoon trick Mrs Hinch had showed her followers on Instagram that uncovers hidden dirt in your kitchen sink.

Using a teaspoon you unscrew the plate around the plug and it reveals a hidden pocket of dirt that often goes untouched and can cause your drains to smell.

Wanting to give her plughole a much-needed clean, Vicky decided to try it out but was left with a broken sink screw and a flood in a kitchen.

Like many other people who have tried the hack at home, she was left horrified by the amount of gunk and grime that had built up in her plug.

While she did get to satisfyingly bleach it clean, Vicky realised she had accidentally flooded the cupboard under her sink, as she'd used the tap while the plug wasn't connected to the pipe.

"Tried putting it all back together, plug screw snapped. Great," she fumed.

Vicky said: "Gotta go buy a new screw, then mop up flood, then clean water from cupboard! You can keep your Hinching!"

Mrs Hinch fans flooded to the cleaning icon's defence and insisted that she can't be blamed for the hack going wrong.

One person commented: "She did say on her video don't do it if your tap isn't [connected]."

Another said: "She did state in her story that if your drain was not water tight to not run water down it but to clean with a cloth."

Others had a similar problem when attempting to clean their own plug holes, with one person revealing: "I DID THE EXACT SAME the plumber was here this morning to fix our sink LOOOOOL (sic)."

One cleaning fan confessed: "Same thing happened to me. My husband had to go and get a new plug as I broke the screw when I tightened it up after cleaning."

"Haha I done this yesterday and water was everywhere," said another.

One person, however, seemed to have a good solution that prevented any unexpected floods and said: "Mine stunk and I just cleaned the fitting in a bowl of hot soapy water."

Mrs Hinch's rep declined to comment when contacted by Fabulous.

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