Cleaning fanatic shares easy hack to make washing smell fresh and people say it’s BETTER than using tumble dryer sheets

Cleaning fanatic shares easy hack to make washing smell fresh and people say it’s BETTER than using tumble dryer sheets


AS WE all know, nothing beats the smell of freshly washed laundry.

There are many tried and tested ways to keep your family's clothes smelling great, but one cleaning fanatic has a handy new hack up her sleeve.

Introducing… The tumble dryer sponge.

Cleaning fan Mrs D shared her new tip on her Instagram grid, and lots of her followers commented saying they loved the idea.

Her simple video on Instagram outlines the steps in an easy-to-follow fashion.

The method involves taking two cleaning sponges in a large plastic container and pouring two caps' worth of fabric conditioner over the top.

In the clip, the cleaning fan uses the dreamy Mrs Hinch-recommended Lenor 'Calm' lavender and camomile, but you can of course choose your own.

Likewise, Mrs D uses Minky sponge wipes, but similar sponges you have knocking around will work just fine.

Next, you have to pour some hot water over the fabric conditioner-soaked sponges.

Be careful with the hot water – it's worth adding in some cool water for the next step, or using rubber gloves.

Then use your fingers to push down the sponges to make sure the fabric conditioner and water has been absorbed nicely and flip the top sponge over.

Finally, place a lid on the Tupperware box and your tumble dryer sponges are ready to be used straight away.

One fan asked whether you should still use fabric conditioner in the washing machine, and Mrs D replied that she always uses it in wash loads, even if tumble dryer sponges are also being used.

The cleaning instagrammer suggests wringing out the sponge slightly before putting it in the tumble dryer so that it's not pouring out of the spong.

Fans love the handy tip that means you don't need to use tumble dryer sheets.

It's a particularly useful hack as the weather gets cooler and the tumble dryer ends up being in more frequent use.

Elsewhere, cleaning enthusiasts are using fabric conditioner to clean toilets and keep them smelling fresh.

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