Cleaning fanatic shares easy way to get grubby white trainers sparkling again and LOO ROLL is your secret weapon

Cleaning fanatic shares easy way to get grubby white trainers sparkling again and LOO ROLL is your secret weapon


THERE'S nothing more annoying than getting new, white trainers dirty.

But one cleaning fanatic has shared an ingenious hack to get the shoes back to their former glory – using just two household products.

TikTok user SneaksCool1 took to the social media site to share a video of himself cleaning up his formerly white Vans.

First off, he places the shoes into the kitchen sink and rinses them with cold water.

Then, he takes a bottle of washing up liquid and squirts it over the shoes, as well as placing some inside a soap-dispensing sponge.

He uses the sponge to scrub the shoes, before rinsing again.

He advises scrubbing again at this point if needed.

Next, with the shoes wet, he takes sheets of toilet roll and places them carefully all over the fabric sections of the shoes.

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Once covered, he places outside in the sun to air dry.

When they're dry, he carefully peels off the toilet roll, to reveal the glisteningly white shoes beneath.

Multiple fans took to the comments section of the video to praise the TikToker for the hack, with one writing: "WOW THAT IS A NEAT TIP. NICE.!"

Another added: "It really works I tried it I love wearing white vans."

Others suggested the hack was a long-winded way of getting the shoes clean.

"I literally just throw mine in the washer with bleach, and put it on whitens and I pull them out let them sit in my room, and they look like that," one person wrote.

But SneaksCool1 wasn't a fan of that idea, replying with a simple, "No."

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