Couple show off the bathroom they renovated for £1K after being quoted £12K but the tiling leaves people ‘very upset’ | The Sun

Couple show off the bathroom they renovated for £1K after being quoted £12K but the tiling leaves people ‘very upset’ | The Sun


A COUPLE has caused controversy by showing the DIY bathroom they did themselves for £1,000, after being quoted £12,000.

Freya revealed that they'd been told their "dream bathroom" would set them back thousands of pounds.

So instead of shelling out on the project, she and her other half decided to give it a go themselves.

The total for the project was £1,220, and Freya showed off the results in a video on her TikTok page.

"Quotes between £8,000 and £12,000 to renovate our bathroom, so we created our dream bathroom ourselves for £1,000," she wrote over the clip.

Gone was the tired-looking cream and wooden bath and toilet, and in its place was a chic, huge bath with spotlights on the floor.

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But it was the tiling that really got people riled up.

"Did Stevie Wonder do the tiling?" one people asked in the comments section.

"That tiling is a madness," another added.

"Yes but none of your tiles are in line etc?" a third commented.

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"Some things best left to the professionals," someone else wrote.

"Couldn't live with those tiles," another wrote.

"They're not lined up!"

"Tiles aren’t lined up, this hurt my head," someone else added.

"All your tiles are off," another commented.

As someone else insisted: "This looks shocking, fair play."

But others insisted the pair had done a great job with the renovation.

"Some people are so mean.," one wrote.

"It’s an amazing DIY job, well done."

"Fair play to you well done," another added.

While a third commented: "People are so negative in the comments lol, great DIY."

"The tiles are all over the place but other than that is nice," someone else said.

"Big improvement but I don’t understand putting the bath on a stage?" another questioned.

In another video, Freya broke down the costs of the project, admitting she'd got loads of bits off Facebook Marketplace to stay within their budget.

"I love looking for a bargain," she said.

"I look on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, I just love shopping around to find the best price.

"So this is how I've done it.

"We got a £700 bath for £290 from Facebook Marketplace – it was originally from Victoria Plumbing.

"Then the back to wall toilet we got from Victoria Plumbing and that was just over £90.

"This mirror, an absolute steal, we got for £40 from Facebook Marketplace.

"I think it was originally about £200. So yeah, really, really happy with that purchase.

"The towel radiator and the valves I got for £90 from Bathroom Mountain.

"The bath tap, brand new from eBay, I got for £25. I won an auction, so, so happy with that.

"And then the other tap for the sink, I think I got from Amazon for like £14 or something.

"All the lights came to a total of £100, that includes the spotlights, the LED strip light and the ceiling lights."

The vanity sink unit and sink was from Facebook Marketplace for £130 instead of £220.

They got enough tiles to do a whole wall for free, and paid another £300 for the rest of the tiles with a 20% discount from B&Q.

They also spent £10 on the black trim around the inset in the wall, and a further £30 on floor underlay.

And £100 on other bits including tile adhesive and grout.

In total, it came to £1,220.

"Yes, it's not going to be up to the same spec as if you were to get it done by a professional," Freya added.

"This is our first time doing a bathroom.

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"It's still not finished just yet, but we're just showing you guys what we've done, what we've spent and how we've managed to keep things down on a budget.

"We've done the whole house on a budget and we're really happy with how it's all turned out so far."

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