Foodies top winter comfort food revealed – but does your favourite make the list? | The Sun

Foodies top winter comfort food revealed – but does your favourite make the list? | The Sun


THE 20 comfort foods and drinks Brits look to during the winter have been revealed – with a bar of chocolate, cup of tea, and bacon sarnie topping the list.

The study of 2,000 adults revealed toast with melted butter, shepherd’s pie and apple crumble also featured high in the ranking.

Other popular winter warmers included biscuits, a roast dinner, and perhaps more bizarrely – ice cream.

Exactly three in 10 agree fish and chips make for the perfect comfort food companion, while 23 per cent said a steaming mug of hot chocolate instantly perks them up during the chills of winter.

However, when it comes to less traditional winter foods, burgers, pizzas and scones with cream and jam were voted in the top five favourites for this time of year.

A spokesperson for bakery brand Baker Street, which commissioned the survey, said: “Besides a cosy blanket and flickering candles, food is a huge help for people during the colder months – with 90 per cent of Brits agreeing that food can be a comfort.

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“There are always going to be a list of traditional meals we enjoy eating from November through to February.

“However, it’s good to know these lists are modernising with less obvious dishes like burgers and hot dogs offering a hearty, comforting meal.”

Nearly seven in 10 (69 per cent) of those who find food comforting said it is because it lifts your mood, with 55 per cent seeking solace in food more during the winter.

More than four in 10 (41 per cent) turn to these types of food when it’s cold, 36 per cent blame the dark evenings, and 41 per cent eat comforting foods after a stressful day.

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The OnePoll study also found more people turn to food for comfort (40 per cent) than to their other half (34 per cent).

Comfort eating is best done at home according to 68 per cent, with four in 10 preferring to enjoy it alone.

Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) say there is no particular day when they are most likely to enjoy comforting eating, but 56 per cent prefer to do it after 6pm.

When it comes to what we eat, 36 per cent have a collection of go-to recipes for when they are feeling low.


1. Bar of chocolate

2. Cup of tea

3. Bacon sandwich

4. Fish and chips

5. Full roast dinner

6. Biscuits

7. Ice cream

8. Cheese on toast

9. Hot chocolate

10. Apple crumble

11. Cookies

12. Toast with melted butter

13. Chips (without cheese)

14. Sausages and mashed potato

15. Lasagne

16. Shepherd’s pie

17. Sausage roll

18. Beans on toast

19. Pie, mash and gravy

20. Cottage pie

Almost a quarter (24 per cent) spend more on food during winter months, with 52 per cent doing so because they eat more when it’s cold.

Meanwhile, 46 per cent won’t eat out as much when the weather changes, and three in 10 spend extra on their favourite winter supplies.

Baker Street's spokesperson added: “We all have our own preferences when it comes to cooking and eating our favourite comfort foods – whether that be on our own, in the evening, or on a certain day.

“As bread lovers, of course we loved seeing it featured heavily in the list, however, we can all agree that whatever recipe we turn to, food can lift our mood and give us the little pick me up that we need – even when the great British weather does its best to bring us down.”


1. Pizza

2. Chocolate brownie

3. Curry

4. Scone with cream and jam

5. Glass of wine

6. Burger

7. Garlic bread

8. Victoria sponge

9. Mince pie

10. Hot dog

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