Four houseplants that can remove mould and condensation from your home this winter

Four houseplants that can remove mould and condensation from your home this winter


MOULD and condensation build up can happen – particularly in winter, but aside from the unsightly appearance and sometimes the damp smell, it can be pretty bad for your health.

There are plenty of pricey solutions like air purifying or recirculating systems, but for those who can't afford expensive building work, there's another solution that may surprise you.

Choosing the right houseplant can actually reduce mildew and mould plus they make a gorgeous addition to your home.

Not all plants have the same effect so it's vital to pick the right greenery for your home. Here are four that are worth investing in:

Snake Plants

A snake plant is a great beginner's houseplant for those who are prone to kill their indoor greenery (no judgement).

The need a bit of a dust every now and again as the firm leaves can gather grime.

They thrive in virtually all light conditions (other than pitch black obviously) and can survive without too much water.

On top of that they absorb humidity and moisture, helping you to keep the air fresh and keep damp at bay.

English ivy

Another easy care choice for foliage is English ivy, but it's also one of the best options for tackling mould.

As it's homegrown in England, it's a pretty low-budget plant to source.

On top of banishing the mould, the leafy plant removes other toxins like formaldehyde and benzene.

Keep the ivy strong by giving it light conditions and by keeping the soil moist – but not soggy.

The ivy looks fantastic as a hanging plant but pet owners should beware as it's toxic to critters like cats and dogs.


Peace Lily

A Peace Lily is not only pretty, but pretty difficult to kill.

That said – people do manage it – so keep yours in a moist environment, even a bathroom if it gets a decent amount of light.

As well as the delicate white flowers, their leaves are ideal for removing water from the air.

This is another plant that needs to be kept away from pets though so watch out for Rover and Moggy.


Add some fun to your home with one of these eye-catching houseplants.

A palm is a statement piece in any home and offers an instant tropical look.

Palms are a great option for managing humidity in the room as they soak up moisture through their leaves.

We love a Kentia Palm, a Parlour Palm or the Lady Palm.

You can't get a palm too wet but you also can't leave it too dry so the occasional drizzle of water is ideal.

You'll also find your palm thrives best in indirect sunlight.

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