Friends with matching tattoos explain why they got glasses inked on their arms and it’s left people in tears

Friends with matching tattoos explain why they got glasses inked on their arms and it’s left people in tears


A GROUP of friends has shared a photo of them having matching tattoos and it's left the internet sobbing.

Stephanie Vazquez, from Mexico, uploaded the video on her TikTok channel and it has since taken the social media by storm with over 30 million views.

After getting the same picture of glasses inked on forearm with her three friends, people were confused.

''Why did you guys get a tattoo of a random pair of glasses?''

She then revealed the reason behind the idea: ''ur with us always.

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''i love you vale💗,'' she said to her friend who, unfortunately, passed away earlier this year.

Valeria was always seen wearing glasses and the group of friends decided that this would be a great way of honouring her.

Apparently, after showing this to Valeria's parents, they claimed they were able to see their daughter's face behind the glasses.

The heartbreaking story and gesture, of course, made everyone devastated, like this one viewer who wrote: ''Omg this has me sobbing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️.''


''This has me crying 😭 what a way to honor her.''

''These are real friends right here I just know she’s smiling down appreciating and wishing the best for all of u🥺,'' another viewer was convinced.

Someone else shared an idea: ''random thought, since it’s 4 of you and you said vale you should each get one letter of her name under the glasses so altogether it says vale.''

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