From Chloe Ferry’s ‘dumplings’ to Victoria Beckham’s ‘bazookas’ – how boob jobs changed celebs' looks

From Chloe Ferry’s ‘dumplings’ to Victoria Beckham’s ‘bazookas’ – how boob jobs changed celebs' looks


FROM global fashion designer Victoria Beckham to TOWIE babe Lauren Goodger and former glamour model Katie Price, there are many celebrities who have revealed they've had boob jobs to enhance their curves.

Breast augmentation remains the UK's most popular cosmetic procedure with many A-listers admitting to going under the knife to enhance their chests. 

All these stars are natural beauties – but they also admit to having had a little assistance to boost their assets.

While some have since admitted to "regretting" going under the knife, we take a look at the incredible before and after appearances of modern celebs. 

Dr Riccardo Frati of Frati Cosmetic Surgery uses his expert knowledge to comment on how boob jobs have changed the appearances of these stars.  

Chloe Ferry

Geordie Shore beauty Chloe, 25, is no stranger to going under the knife but recently insisted that she is done with having surgical enhancements. 

Dr Frati believes the star has previously admitted to two breast surgeries and said it was clear Chloe asked her surgeon for a ‘large’ implant.

Over the years Chloe has shocked fans with a series of dramatic transformations since she first joined Geordie Shore.

As well as having boob jobs, Chloe has gone under the knife for other surgeries. 

Last year, she jetted to Turkey for boob reduction surgery after losing weight and comparing her old breast implants to "dumplings" as she shared her shock at their size.

Dr Frati comments: “Chloe has admitted to two breast surgeries. The first appears to have been a straightforward enlargement with implants at around 600cc (which is quite large). 

“She then decided to have these implants removed and replaced with smaller ones to suit her frame following weight loss. 

“She also commented on being dissatisfied with breast symmetry, which we often see and when this weight loss / decrease in size happens we combine the procedure with an uplift. 

“There is often excess skin following removal of a large weighty implant so the pocket will need tightening and the breasts uplifting. 

“This is a more complex procedure and something women must be aware of this when initially choosing their implant weight and size.”

Victoria Beckham 

For years fans speculated whether former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham had her chest enhanced, and years later she admitted to going under the knife.

The mum-of-four went from a natural 34A to a 34DD after she became a mum in 1999. It was later reported that she had them removed.

In 2011 interviews, she told Allure: "I don't have them anymore," and Vogue: "No torpedo bazookas, either. Gone".

In 2016, she published an emotional note she had written to her younger self, warning her not to get her boobs done.

Dr Frati said: “I believe Victoria’s first implants would have been inserted in around the late 90’s. 

“It’s hard to say if she still has implants now looking at pictures!”

Rebekah Vardy 

The wife of footballer Jamie Vardy, Rebekah, 39, confirmed that she had breast removal and reaugmentation back in 2018.

It is believed that the beauty went for E cups after experiencing some issues with her first implants. 

The mum-of-five has spoken publicly about her two past boob jobs and Dr Frati believes that the WAG requested a ‘natural’ shape.

He said: “A Breast Removal and Re-augmentation is the surgical procedure to remove the current implants, repair the pockets, remove any scar tissue, and replace with a new implant. 

“Looking at Rebekah, I would assume that she has requested a natural shape with more upper fullness, whilst keeping in proportion to her frame. 

“This can be achieved in many ways depending on the patient’s current breast tissue and surgeon recommendation with the choice of implant shape, size, and placement of the implants during surgery.”

Laura Anderson 

Ex Love Islander Laura Anderson had her breast implants swapped for a more natural look in 2019. 

But the star has since opened up about her surgery regret and before/after snaps show her changed appearance.

Laura previously spoke to Fabulous about her second boob job, which left her with huge red scars under her bust, numbness and pain. 

It all started when Laura, age 18, got a loan behind her parents back and had a boob job to take her chest from a 32B to a 32DD. 

Expert cosmetic surgeon Dr Frati added: “I understand Laura had her first breast augmentation at 18 and is now 32. 

“Laura says she regrets both surgeries and wants her old breasts back due to the excessive scarring. 

“There are lots of treatments we can do to help with scarring now but unfortunately if there has been an implant encapsulation or rupture, patients must be aware that an extended scar is clinically necessary during their next procedure.”

Katie Price

The former glamour model became famous for her once G-cup breasts, and it is believed she has undergone a whopping 11 boob jobs in her life.

She has had a dramatic appearance transformation since her teen years as a model and her before and after snaps are astonishing. 

The 42-year-old first went under the knife aged 18, going from a 32B to a 32C.

Over the years she inflated her chest up to a 32G, but she suffered complications and later had them downsized.

Dr Frati said: “Again like Chloe Ferry, Katie has required size changes through personal choice. 

“Women must realise that a boob job is for life, every time you have an implant inserted into your body, you must be aware that at some point it may need replacing, especially if you are a younger woman, of say 20. 

“You will on average need around 2/3 breast surgeries in your life due to factors such as weight loss or gain, childbirth, or through maintenance (encapsulation or rupture). 

“I make all of my patients aware of this and the average size implant in my practice is a 300cc compared to a 400cc two years ago, which is great to see. 

“At her largest – Katie is reported to have had 1500cc implants. She has a tiny frame therefore they looked extremely large. 

“Her body is more proportionate now, with around an 850cc implant in my opinion (taking her to a FF cup).”

Lauren Goodger 

TOWIE babe Lauren Goodger first shot to fame in 2010 as one of the original TOWIE cast members.

The 34-year-old, who recently announced her pregnancy, has made no secret about the changes she had made to her appearance over the years. 

She has openly spoken about her dramatic transformation through fillers and cosmetic procedures – including a boob job to a 34E in 2014.  

Dr Frati believes it is likely Lauren will consider a re-augmentation in the future due to her pregnancy. 

He said: “It may be likely that she will consider a re-augmentation in the future if she breast feeds. 

“As breasts expand and contract over a period of time through feeding and weight loss or gain, this means that skin can become less likely to “bounce back”. 

“A consistent weight is always required – within one stone – to ensure a lasting, good result.”

Samia Ghadie

Corrie star Samia Ghadie opened up about her £4,000 boob job in 2014 after starring on Dancing On Ice. 

The Coronation Street star had her breasts boosted from an A- to a C-cup after feeling flat-chested and her confidence shines through when you analyse comparison pictures. 

Expert Dr Frati believes the actress had the surgery for ‘all the right reasons.’

He added: “Following on from childbirth and toning up/weight loss from her appearance on Dancing On Ice in 2014, I believe Samia decided to undergo a breast augmentation. 

“I think she has had a great cosmetic result, they look natural and reading previous articles she has done the surgery for all the right reasons!”

Kym Marsh

In 2009, Corrie beauty Kym Karsh said she was ‘delighted’ with her decision to have a boob job which saw her go from a 32B to a 32D. 

Her breast enlargement surgery was more than a decade ago, but 10 years down the line, the star insists that she still has no regrets.

Dr Frati commented on the star’s changed appearance: “In 2009, the former singer increased her cup size from a 34B to a 34D after her bust deflated from breastfeeding.

“She is likely to have now had the implants for coming up to 12 years, so may be considering a change. Breast implants don’t have a sell by date on them.

“But there are things you can do to look after your implants and help them last longer such as; no drastic weight loss / gain, regular MLD massages to break down any building of scar tissue around the implant and wearing a high impact bra for the gym and a supportive bra for bed. 

“Kim must have looked after her implants well, she doesn’t seem to have aged much so she must live a healthy lifestyle!”

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