Furloughed mum reveals how she set up a thriving home design business after a pic of her £50 room makeover went viral

Furloughed mum reveals how she set up a thriving home design business after a pic of her £50 room makeover went viral


A MUM whose hospitality job dwindled during the coronavirus pandemic has revealed how she turned things around andnow runs a thriving interior design business.

Haylie Hammill, 33, worked in hospitality but was furloughed in March, giving her loads of free time to try DIY projects.

The savvy mum learned all about home renovations and put her skills to good use around the house.

She created an Instagram page showing off her work and after sharing a photo of a £50 room makeover, Haylie has since reached an impressive 11,000 followers.

Haylie, who comes from Cheltenham, started taking commissions and her diary is now fully booked up until April.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: "I'm truly overwhelmed by how well received my work has been from my customers and the speed at which my new business seems to be taking off. 

"I have a real passion for attention to detail as well as listening to what my customers want.

"Transforming peoples homes isn’t just a job to me, it’s something I love doing and take great pride in doing. 

"The reaction when they see the final changes gives me a real buzz and makes me feel very lucky to have such a rewarding job!

"I'm now booked up two to four months in advance depending on the job and location. Panelling is the highest in demand."

The mum-of-two always had a passion for DIY and had completed many projects over the years in her own home.

Haylie, who used to work in the paint section of B&Q, was left with lots of time on her hands after her hospitality job put her on furlough.

Her first project was to learn how to add wood panelling to walls, a popular trend she had noticed online.

She explained: "It gives a lot of character to a room and looks expensive, even though it’s not.

"Due to my experience of working at B&Q, I knew what sort of materials I would need, but I still did my research to ensure I was making the right choices."

The wall panelling cost a mere £47.94, including £20 for the MDF, £6.94 for the pine quadrant moulding, £5 for No More Nails glue and £16 for the paint.  

She's confident other DIY fans can do their own version of wood panelling at home, but Haylie recommends watching online videos on her Instagram page first.

Since turning her hobby into a business, Haylie's work life is packed with appointments and she's fully booked up until April.

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