How to make an omelette in the air fryer: Quick and easy recipe that use 5 ingredients | The Sun

How to make an omelette in the air fryer: Quick and easy recipe that use 5 ingredients | The Sun


AIR fryer's are great at making classic meals quickly, and one TikTok creator has shared her recipe for an air fryer omelette.

Jess, also known as @jessdoinglifee is a self-confessed 'foodie' who shares air fryer recipes on her account with her 30.1k followers.

She began with: "Let's make my quick, easy and most delicious omelette ever."

Using her Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer, Jess had lined both baskets with a large paper case, which had an edge to hold the omelette ingredients. She sprayed the parchment with a little oil to stop the mixture sticking.

She added: "Crack your eggs into these parchment paper liners and throw in whatever toppings you want.

"I've gone for mushrooms in one and red pepper and mushrooms in the other."


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Jess used two eggs, and had sliced her mushrooms and peppers into small pieces, then seasoned with salt and pepper.

She continued: "Pour in a dash of milk and pop some cheese in, and give it all a stir and mix up the mixture."

Jess used a fork to whisk the mixture, then said: "Once the egg's fully mixed in, then you need to put it [in the air fryer] on 180 degrees Celsius for around 12 minutes."

After the timer finished, she removed the air fryer baskets and said: "They should then look a little something like this – absolutely gorgeous."

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Carefully remove the omelettes by picking up the parchment paper liners, and peel it off.

Jess finished: "I serve mine with beans but you can have whatever you like."

Many were inspired by Jess' recipe, but suggested the omelette mixture should be mixed before going into the air fryer.

Carol commented: "I mix in a big jug and then pour in, easier." Annie replied: "Same, it needs to be mixed properly or you get white straggly bits through it."

Hayley agreed: "Would make more sense to whisk it then pour it."

Ianson3 wrote: "Would it be better doing it in a bowl then pouring it in?" And hiee replied: "Mix before I think."

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