I live in a 45-room medieval castle, people think it's amazing but it’s cold, the wifi’s rubbish & cleaning takes days

I live in a 45-room medieval castle, people think it's amazing but it’s cold, the wifi’s rubbish & cleaning takes days


LIVING in a medieval castle must seem like something out of a dream – and one lucky woman lives out that fantasy.

Ludovica Sannazzaro, 19, and her family live in a medieval castle in the Piedmont region of Italy, that has been in her family for 28 generations.

Castello Sannazzaro spans a massive 107,637 square feet, with a 269,097 square-foot garden, 45 rooms, 15 bedrooms and priceless historical archive that dates back to the 12th century.

Ludovica was attending school in New York, but the pandemic meant that she travelled back to her home.

But living in a castle isn’t all it cracked up to be.

Ludovica revealed some home truths about living in the stunning castle on TikTok.

She said: “Everyone wants to live in a castle till they find out…”

What could be so wrong with living in a historic castle?

Ludovica said: “The wi-fi never works. It’s always freezing cold. Cleaning takes ages. If you want something you have to walk a marathon.”

The Italian’s account has gone viral after giving TikTok an insight into the everyday life of a modern family living in their medieval abode.

Despite these little hiccups, her followers continue to be mesmerised by her home.

The video has been viewed a massive 8.9million times and racked up over 1.7million likes.

One user wrote: “I don’t care, I want to live in a castle.”

Another joked: “It’s okay the wi-fi doesn’t work in my house either.”

One person said: “Imagine getting all comfy in bed to watch TikToks to find out you left your phone in the bathroom across the mansion.”

A fourth commented: “The wi-fi never works cause the ghosts keeping walking through it.”

Ludovica continues to entertain TikTok with her castle tours and debunking the myths people have about living in a castle.

Her other videos feature the castle's church, icehouse that's hidden under a hill, a dungeon and many secret passageways that double as a wine cellar.

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