I love glamming up my council house – trolls slam me for it, but there’s a difference between decorating and a deposit | The Sun

I love glamming up my council house – trolls slam me for it, but there’s a difference between decorating and a deposit | The Sun


A WOMAN has revealed that she loves glamming up her council house and won’t listen to what nasty trolls say about it.

26-year-old Danielle Miller has given her council house a mega makeover, but trolls weren’t impressed, and thought she should put the money into a house deposit, rather than decorating. 

Posting on social media, the young mother shared a clip showing off her stunning home.

In the short video, the DIY whizz explained: “POV: You live in a council house but love interior design.” 

Alongside the clip, Danielle attached Fergie’s hit song Glamorous, as she showed social media users inside her beautiful living room.

In another video, the savvy mum then revealed the bargain buys she nabbed from the high-street to decorate her living room. 

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She said: “So I get asked where so many things are from in my home. Not just this room, everywhere that I've shown, so I'm about to attach everything – screenshots of everything and where it's from.”

Danielle then claimed that she got her vintage herringbone laminate flooring from Floors Direct, her gold ceiling light from Next and her drawer handles from Amazon.

Not only this, but she also got her rugs from eBay, her curtains from The Range and her table lamp from B&Q. 

In a follow-up clip, Danielle responded to a comment from a nasty troll that read: “If you can afford to do all of this, you should be buying your own house.”

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Clapping back at the hater, Danielle confirmed: “I think there's a pretty big difference between decorating and the cost of a deposit.

“I am a lot smarter than I look as well.

“I have a plan, I don't want to buy right now, I don't want the stress. I'm only 26, I don't need it.

“I'm just enjoying my life, making memories with my daughter.

“With the money that I can save, I put it into my home, getting it exactly how I want it. 

“So, yeah, I plan on going for ten/fifteen years, and then that discount will be a good discount.

“I don't need your input. You don't know my situation.

“So yeah, ten/fifteen of affordable rent, doing what I want to my home, saving my spare money, and then getting a good discount. Sounds good to me.” 

Danielle’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @daniellemillerxox, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed a staggering 27,700 views in just one day. 

Despite the nasty comment from the keyboard warrior, many social media users flooded the comments, sharing messages of love and support for Danielle.

One person said: “You’ve done a beautiful job! Looks amazing! Jealousy really shows for some!” 

Another added: “Your home is beautiful, don't explain yourself to anyone.” 



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A third commented: “You don’t have to explain yourself. People on social media love to argue with people for no reason.”

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