I love my new Turkey teeth but cruel trolls say they're the worst  they've ever seen and predict I'll regret them | The Sun

I love my new Turkey teeth but cruel trolls say they're the worst they've ever seen and predict I'll regret them | The Sun


A WOMAN who splashed out for Turkey teeth has been warned she'll regret them by cruel trolls who say the rudest things about her new look.

Georgia loves showing off her blindingly white new smile on her social media pages.

But in a recent TikTok video documenting how she got the new gnashers, she was inundated with cruel comments from trolls.

In the clip, Georgia showed how she'd had her teeth shaved down into what looked like shark teeth, with blood oozing from her mouth as she pulled her lip down to show them off.

She then headed back into the dentist's chair, where the new teeth were fitted from the outside in.

Clearly thrilled with her new look, Georgia grinned widely to show them off, before showing her before and after snaps.

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But not everyone was impressed by her new look, with trolls taking to the comments section in droves.

"Can't polish a turd but you can stick turkey teeth on it," one rudely wrote.

"Wowwwww that’s the worst I’ve seen," another commented.

"This is the worst you can do to your teeth and it looks absolutely ridiculous," a third said.

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"You can't begin to imagine how much you are going to regret this," someone else wrote, while another agreed: "You're gonna regret this babes.

"It might look good for you now but in a couple of years you will have major issues."

"It's so bad for your oral health and looks too unnatural," another added.

While someone else commented: "Typical Turkey teeth client".

"As a dental nurse this pains my core," another admitted.

"Same, all that healthy tissue drilled away!" someone else agreed.

And the comments just kept on coming.

"I can’t believe you not only chose to do that, but you paid for it!" one marvelled.

"Oh my god," another added.

"The result is just awful!"

"What do you do when you're an old lady?" a third questioned.

"Babe, respectfully nooooooooooo!" someone else wrote.

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As another joked: "Are they from the tile department at the hardware store?"

"Before was 99999% better. Good luck!" someone else said.

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