I ordered a fancy shower curtain – trolls say it looks like a hospital room but it adds to the bathroom vibe I want | The Sun

I ordered a fancy shower curtain – trolls say it looks like a hospital room but it adds to the bathroom vibe I want | The Sun


AN INTERIORS fan has gone viral after forking out for a new shower curtain which people reckon belongs in a hospital surgery room.

Like most of us, TikTok user Estée, believed to be from the US, wants her home to reflect her personality.

So, when one day she stumbled across a shower curtain on Twitter, Estée instantly knew she needed to order one.

''Months ago, I saw a post advertising these beautiful transparent coloured shower curtains.

''I could not get them out of my head,'' the young woman explained on TikTok.

After some time, Estée finally gave in and treated herself to a pair, whilst also influencing her mother and sibling to order one.

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''Don't let me fool you, that international shipping was pricey – but my mum, my sister and I bought it all together, so that did help the cost a little bit.''

With the see-through pastel green shower curtain now in place, the delighted shopper reckoned the expensive purchase was worth it.

In Estée's eyes, not only did it ''add to the vibe'' she was after, but the curtain also opened up the space ''entirely''.

Hitting back at those concerned about the lack of privacy, the interiors fanatic said: ''You know, anyone who's in the bathroom with me while I shower – that's probably someone who I don't mind watching me shower.''

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However, whilst Estée may have been over the moon with the pricey product, the response on social media was mixed.

For the most part, unfortunately, people insisted that the green tint gave the bathroom a hospital feel to it.

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One critic of the curtain commented under the video: ''Looks like a surgery room.''

Another added: ''It looks like these cheap rain coats.''

''reminds me of the plastic butchers use,'' a third noted.

''It’s giving American Psycho to make the clean up easier,'' a fourth referred to the thriller hit starring Christian Bale.

Luckily, it wasn't all negative feedback, as one fellow shopper raved about the product.

''I’ve had mine for 2 months now, super easy to clean I literally use dishsoap and the method surface cleaner with a soft brush and its all sorted,'' they told Estée who posts under the username @esteeisonline.

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