I raise my four kids on one salary – the six ways to save cash… but one does include cancelling the WiFi | The Sun

I raise my four kids on one salary – the six ways to save cash… but one does include cancelling the WiFi | The Sun


A SUPER-SCRIMPER has shared some of the rules she has in her home so her family of six can survive on just one single income. 

The savvy mum revealed she doesn’t have Wi-Fi in her house and she limits her children's screen time.

Chelsea Steelman shared her unusual methods in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “My husband and I are raising our four kids on a single income home and I'm gonna share with you a couple things that we do to save money to make it possible.”

The mum says she only buys her kids adaptable toys which lasts her kids their whole childhood. 

She said: “So instead of buying toys that are made for a specific age and then having to keep buying toys as they grow, we have chosen to invest in multi use toys that grow with them.”

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Chelsea says she limits her kids screen time and saves money by not having wifi.

She said: “Another thing that we do, if you can even believe it, is we do not pay for Wifi. We have 0 wifi, 0 cable, and we only watch VHS tapes 95% of the time.”

“My kids are screen free, but whenever we do choose to watch TV, we only watch VHS tapes.”

The mum has a stack of VHS tapes that her kids can choose from if they want to watch TV. 

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She said: “Now I realise this isn't for everyone because it's really hard to find a working VHS player, but we somehow happened to find one and got super lucky.”

Chelsea said her family has a vintage washer and dryer set that was donated by a friend and she makes her own laundry detergent. 


She said: “Another thing that we do is we make our own laundry detergent. I actually like this so much more than buying store bought and it saves us so much money.

The super saver processes her own meat and stores it in the freezer. 

She said: “We also get our own beef process. This saves us a ton of money on our grocery bill.”

Chelsea also buys her cleaning products from budget stores. 

She said: “And I buy cleaning products from Dollar Tree. Do not sleep on Dollar Tree cleaning stuff. You do not realise how much money you're spending on cleaning supplies from Walmart or target. So hit up Dollar Tree.”

The mum of four says she tries to buy as much gender neutral clothes as possible so her kids can share. 

She said: “Something that I've been doing for about four years now is buying gender neutral baby and kids clothes as much as I can. All the clothes that I'm showing you right now, I bought four years ago and. And have gone through three of my kids.”

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Chelsea said her home is mostly decorated with thrifted furniture.

She said: “And we also don't buy home décor. We thrift 95% of our home décor and furniture. And you would be shocked to see how much money this saves you.”

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