I started collecting rare designer gear, now I’m selling it all for a mint – I can make £17,000 from just TWO items | The Sun

I started collecting rare designer gear, now I’m selling it all for a mint – I can make £17,000 from just TWO items | The Sun


A MAN has revealed that he caught the designer handbag bug as a youngster and built up an impressive collection of luxury items worth around £300k – only to sell them all to make a mint.

InMonday night’s opening episode of Channel 4’s Second Hand for 50 Grand, viewers are introduced to Blackburn born Mark, who made his fortune working in demolition. 

The wealthy collector found an unlikely love of designer bags after purchasing them for his mum, and is selling his vast thirty-year collection as he’s moving house. 

Viewers of the series, which airs at 10pm on Channel 4, will become a fly on the wall to see how much cash he will make in the process as he parts ways with some of his 100-bag strong haul.

He explains: “My mum kind of got me into all of this as my mum used to work in styles.”

Next, Mark turns to second hand luxury store Xupes, run by boss Joe and his team Reece, who's head of handbags, and watchmaker Megan.

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Mark shows Reece and his colleague Rose everything he’s invested in over the years – from a rare Dior metal saddle bag that celebrities like Kim Kardashian are the proud owner of to a pair of light-up Louis Vuitton trainers.

Originally, Mark purchased the Dior item for an eye-watering £22,000.

While the unique illuminating LED trainers set him back a whopping £6000.

However, Reece said he would take both of the designer items and attempt to sell them for his VIP client for £33,000 and £13,000 – an impressive profit of £17,000.  

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Reece also took 20 of Mark’s Louis Vuitton bags off of his hands, and they began to fly off of Xupes' shelves. 

However, old habits die hard, and it’s not long before Mark is back on the phone to Reece wanting to add to his collection once more.

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Mark asks him to meet again so that he can sample which other bags are available from Xupes – including a £100k Birken bag that he can’t help but fall in love with. 

Second Hand for 50 Grand airs on Monday 5th September at 10pm on Channel 4

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