I work on a superyacht – I get free food and rent & it sounds amazing but this is what we really have to put up with | The Sun

I work on a superyacht – I get free food and rent & it sounds amazing but this is what we really have to put up with | The Sun


WORKING on a superyacht may sound glamorous but the reality is actually quite different.

TikToker @gypseali regularly posts videos about her experiences working on a superyacht – both the good and bad sides of this career.

One perk, she shares is that while on board the boat you’ll get free food and rent meaning you’ll be able to save much more of your money than you might in more traditional forms of employment.

However you can also end up working quite long hours, and in one of her videos the yacht hostess reveals some of the tasks you can expect to do each workday.

She says that there are a lot of cleaning jobs that must be done every day, including washing down the deck, adding that this is fun in the Caribbean where it’s warm, but  not so much when the boat’s in Norway.

She adds that while working on these superyachts you can end up with some difficult guests – although most of the time this isn’t the case.

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In one video she shares that one particularly difficult guest bullied her and demanded she cook her a meal from scratch.

And in another she shares that crew members can even end up working on boats where the guests are nudists, joking that if this happened to her she’d have to learn to do the job blind.

Another guest would only wash their hair with bottled Fiji water, which the company actually did provide when requested.

She also shares that yes she does have to clean the guest’s cabins – including their bathrooms, adding that some actually leave urine on the marble floors.

A fellow superyacht worker shared her own rather gross experience, writing: “had a nanny who loved to let the little kids s*** in one of our jacuzzis. She wasn’t keen on it the next day when there was a bit more chlorine added.”

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The TikToker has also revealed some of the struggles of attempting to date when working at sea, adding that people tend to be turned off that she’s away for so long.

And other issue can be the amount of married men looking for a quick fling, when she’s obviously looking for a single man for something long term.

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