I’m a cleaner and there’s a popular mop that doesn’t clean your floors – it makes them dirtier | The Sun

I’m a cleaner and there’s a popular mop that doesn’t clean your floors – it makes them dirtier | The Sun


A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed the five cleaning products she would never use in her own home.

From cleaning the toilet with wipes to mopping your floors with a very specific mop, the cleaner revealed her worst home nightmares.

Taking to social media, she came clean on the products she hates the most and would never have in her home.

"So we're gonna start off strong with this one, I'm probably calling out millions of people here and I'm sorry, I'm not here to offend you, I just don't like it okay and it's these things," she said.

The cleaner then showed a picture of a Vileda spray mop that many people use around the home for a quick clean.

But the expert said these types of mops do nothing for your floors.


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"You're not cleaning the muck off, you're just spraying the product onto your floor and you just rubbing it in," the cleaning pro added.

"You're not getting that muck off, it's not gonna clean your floor properly."

She added that it was fine for a quick once-over if you have guests coming over but really you should deep clean the floors in between.

Next, the cleaning pro revealed she wasn't a fan of the cleaning brand Fabulosa.

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"I just don't like the brand, I think it's cheap, I think it's just c**p," she said.

The next product was the Dishmatic sponge, and the cleaning expert didn't hold back.

She said: "They need changing all the time, the liquid leaks out of it, I mean,you can't even clean your proper cups properly with it."

The furniture polish Wood Silk was also a miss for the cleaning expert who said it did nothing but leave a greasy film on furniture.

"It's just something I personally don't like okay, so if you use it, works fine for you, that's fine," she added.

Finally, the cleaning expert said she would never use wipes to clean her toilet seat.

The cleaning pro explained: "Please stop cleaning your toilet with them, it makes me physically feel sick."

The video posted to her TikTok account @thecleanupcompany has since gone viral and people were quick to take to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Omg that polish is a nightmare. If you get it on your clothes they smell for weeks after even washing them."

Another commented: "I totally agree with every single one."

"Oops I use two of them," penned a third.

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Someone else added: "Dishmatic is brilliant, especially if you wanna wash something up quickly without having to fill up the dish bowl."

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