I'm a cleaning expert – 3 places to use dryer sheets that transform your home and make it smell amazing | The Sun

I'm a cleaning expert – 3 places to use dryer sheets that transform your home and make it smell amazing | The Sun


WE all know that scented dryer sheets make freshly washed clothes smell amazing.

But did you realise they also had hidden usages for in and around the home? 

A cleaning expert has revealed the three places around their home that have been improved by using the sheets – in her case from Lenor.

Popular homes TikTok account Aesthetically in Home, whose profile is @aestheticallyinhome, shared a video titled: “Watch this to see where I use dryer sheets.” 

They later added in the caption: “They make everything smell so amazing.” 

Aesthetically in Home then proceeded to show the three alternative uses, starting with the bedroom and heading straight to the chest of drawers. 

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They then showed how they place the scented sheets directly into the drawer to keep clothes smelling fresh in between washes.

A similar technique was used in another place in the bedroom – this time in the bed itself.

Aesthetically in Home demonstrated how they, once again, place them inside the inside of each pillow case.

While the third and final home hack they revealed was how they can be used to wipe away dust from surfaces.

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This not only removes the dirt from around the home, but also leaves a lasting scent behind too.

Aesthetically in Home’s 66,400 TikTok followers were quick to show they were impressed and quickly pressed the like button.

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The account regularly shares helpful home hacks that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

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