I’m a fashion expert – the cheap trick to stop your sandals from slipping off your feet this summer

I’m a fashion expert – the cheap trick to stop your sandals from slipping off your feet this summer


As the hot weather approaches, many of us will be whipping out our sandals for the summer months.

While they may be easy to slip on at a moment's notice and stop your feet sweating – they can also be infuriating to wear and fall off constantly.

However, a fashion expert has revealed the simple and cheap trick she used to stop her sandals from falling off all the time.

Kristina Kacheeva shared the hack on TikTok where it went viral with over 40k views.

She said: Sandals keep slipping off?

"Try this."


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The fashion expert then shows how to stop your shoes from sliding off using boob tape.

demonstrating how her sandals keep slipping off her feet when she raises her leg, she reveals how to prevent this from happening.

She first measures the tape to fit all the way around the midsection of her foot and cuts it to size.

Kristina then sticks the tape to her foot.

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She then demonstrates how the sandal no longer slips off her foot thanks to the boob tape.

The boob tape offers extra grip so that the shoes are less likely to slip off your feet.

Kristina has also shared other easy tricks, such as how to make any dress fit you perfectly.

In a video that's been viewed over a million times, Kristina started by holding the bangle on the outside of the dress.

Then reaching inside the dress, she grabbed extra fabric to tighten the dress and then secured it over the bangle using the hair tie.

The trick resulted in a cute o-ring effect at her back and a much more flattering fitted dress.

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