I’m a hairdresser – the ‘it’ haircut you shouldn’t get… it won’t suit you and will make your fringe frizz up | The Sun

I’m a hairdresser – the ‘it’ haircut you shouldn’t get… it won’t suit you and will make your fringe frizz up | The Sun


A HAIR expert has issued a word of warning to people thinking of getting the current ‘it’ haircut trending. 

Steph is a hairdresser based in Somerset, Massachusetts, in the US, and often uses her social media account to share her top tips and tricks from the industry. 

In one particular video, she argued that while having a curtain fringe can be beautiful, it can also look very wrong on certain people. 

“This is why maybe you shouldn’t get curtain bangs and just a disclaimer: I love curtain bangs but here’s some reasons why they’re not for everyone,” she explained as the video started. 

Sharing a photo of Lindsay Lohan, she shared that if you have a cowlick at the base of your mane, then it may not be the right hairstyle for you. 

Steph said this is because it can be more challenging to style and you’ll “spend a lot of time training them”. 

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She then shared a photo of someone with a fringe before calling it an “awkward stage”. 

The pro said that they need to be maintained more, which means you’ll probably end up visiting a salon more often and spending more money, too. 

“And they do add an extra step to your routine, so if you like to take five minutes and go then this might not be for you,” she went on. 

She then said that people who already struggle to tame their hair thanks to frizziness, then having a curtain fringe can add unnecessary stress. 

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This also goes for curly and wavy hair, too. 

“And lastly, if you hate hair touching your face – especially if you have oily skin – be prepared for it to touch your face all the time,” TikTok user @stephagram said. 

“I suggest trying curtain-y, face-framing layers first before going straight to curtain bangs.” 

In the caption, she added: “Watch this before you cut bangs!!”

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “as someone who had overgrown thickkkk bangs, i dont think any of these will bother me, not even the last one lol. it took me about a week to train”.

Another said: “My mum is a professional hairdresser and she does mine at home”.

While a third admitted: “Damn I just got them”. 

And a fourth asked: “What if I have some receding hairline (hair angles)?” to which Steph replied: “Shouldn’t matter if they are cut right”. 

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Curtain fringes have become all the rage recently and celebrities have even jumped on the bandwagon, including Anne Hathaway, Millie Bobby Brown and Jennifer Lopez. 

Would you give it a go?

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