I'm a housekeeper – the 5 products I swear by, including a $3 glass cleaner | The Sun

I'm a housekeeper – the 5 products I swear by, including a $3 glass cleaner | The Sun


CLEANING every area of your house can feel like an over-whelming thought.

With these five essential items you can reduce the clutter of your cleaning caddy and still cover everywhere.

Housekeeper and TikTok user Vanessa Amaro shared the five essential cleaning products that should be in every home.

Her first recommendation was a glass cleaner, but not the one you'd think.

"First of all Sprayway, I’m willing to fight anybody that says that Windex is the best. No, no. In my humble opinion, this is the best for your glass, for your mirrors, everything," she told her followers.

Sprayway foaming action glass cleaner is available at various stores including Target and Lowe's, for less than $3.

The TikToker's second must-have is a mold remover, in particular the Clorox and Tilex collaboration available at stores such Walmart, for under $5.

Vanessa said: "Now we all know that Clorax is the king of cleaning, but the Tilex version, if your shower has mold and fungus, just get this, just trust me, and get it."

Next, the cleaning expert mentioned the viral TikTok sponge: The Scrub Daddy, available for purchase at Target for less than $4.

"I feel like there’s not much to say except they don’t stink. They don’t scratch, you can sanitize them in your dishwasher. They change textures depending on your water temperature. They have an aerodynamic shape, and so much more," Vanessa said.

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She also advised her followers to invest in Swiffer Dusters, on sale in Target for just $5.

Vanessa told viewers: "If you wanted me to stop using Swiffer, you’re going to have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. The best of the best. For dusting? Yes, yes, yes."

Vanessa's final essential item is a multi-surface cleaner. She simply advised: "Everybody needs a multi-surface cleaner, which one? Whatever you want."

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on Vanessa's recommendations.

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"Not me heading to the store to get ALL OF THESE," commented one viewer.

Another person commented: "Awesome! I now love Sprayway and enjoy cleaning my mirrors. Your humble opinion made me try your recommendations. Thanks."

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