I’m a kitchen whizz – my air fryer churros are so quick to make and kids love them | The Sun

I’m a kitchen whizz – my air fryer churros are so quick to make and kids love them | The Sun


FEW foods say winter quite like churros: the delicious dessert is a staple of bonfire celebrations and Christmas markets alike. 

But the warming treat doesn’t have to be exclusive to market stalls – one kitchen whizz has revealed her fool-proof recipe for getting the perfect ones using an air fryer. 

Kiley O’Donnell is an Instagram chef who regularly shares her delicious recipes on her page @WellMadeByKiley, which has a whopping 238k followers. 

And in a recent clip, she wowed fans by showing off her simple method for achieving the perfect fluffy churros to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

To begin, get a medium pan or pot, and mix together a cup of water, ¼ teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of sugar and ½ cup of butter. 

Bring the mixture to the boil while stirring constantly, before removing it from the heat. 

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You then want to add a cup of all-purpose flour, and mix thoroughly until the dough is smooth and comes away from the side of the pot. 

Add three eggs one at a time, stirring between each, until the mix is smooth, and then set it aside to cool. 

Preheat the air fryer to around 200C, and then grab a ziplock bag, snipping one of the corners which you can use to pipe the dough. 

Pipe sticks of the mixture that are around four inches long onto a piece of parchment paper, and then transfer that paper into the basket of the air fryer. 

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Spritz the top of the churros with cooking spray, before frying for 5-7 minutes. 

Once they’re crisp and golden, remove them and roll them in sugar. 

Grab your favourite chocolatey spread – anything like nutella will do – et voilà! 

The simple recipe amassed a huge 180k likes, with viewers flocking to the comments to share the love for the indulgent treat. 

“Please make this for me immediately,” one wrote tagging their friend in their comment. 

“These are the best!!!” another gushed with a heart-eyes emoji. 

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