I'm a midwife & mums never realise how to use their phones to get babies to sleep – it’s totally free and really works | The Sun

I'm a midwife & mums never realise how to use their phones to get babies to sleep – it’s totally free and really works | The Sun


SINGING lullabies. Middle-of-the-night drives up and down the street. Constantly rocking them back and forth.

In the early days of parenthood, we tried anything and everything to get our babies to sleep – including buying a white noise machine that cost more than we'd ever care to admit.

But it turns out, all we needed that whole time was to activate a little-known feature on our iPhone.

(Side note: we're not sure whether to laugh or cry).

Earlier this month, midwife and mum Kassie shared her tip in a viral TikTok that's racked up over 21,000 views.

She explained: "Here's a parenting hack that I wish I knew ages ago.

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"Did you know that your iPhone has a built-in white noise machine?"

After seeing her lactation specialist Kate – who runs the business Milky Business – speak about the life hack on her Instagram, Kassie thought she'd give it a go herself.

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Walking her 2,000 followers through the steps, the mum started by going into her Settings.

Then, she tapped on Accessibility and went into Audio/Visual.

Once there, she turned on Background Sounds and picked from six different audios.

Along with the soothing sound of an ocean, rain or stream, mums can also pick from balanced noise, bright noise and dark noise to help their babies drift off to sleep.

How to activate background noises on iPhones:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Accessibility
  3. Go into Audio/Visial
  4. Turn on Background Noises
  5. Pick from the six audios

What's more, you can even keep the sound playing when your phone is locked too.

"Oh my gosh," one viewer replied. "Gamer-changer!"

Another added: "I wish I knew this four years ago!!"

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"This is the best," a third said. "Thank you!"

A fourth commented: "Seriously been looking up white noise at night on Google!"

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