I’m a mum & refuse to overspend on my daughter at Christmas – trolls say she’s missing out on all the magic | The Sun

I’m a mum & refuse to overspend on my daughter at Christmas – trolls say she’s missing out on all the magic | The Sun


A MUM has revealed she refuses to overspend on her daughter for Christmas.

Sarah Forrest, from Canada, shared how she stops herself from overspending at Christmas on her daughter Sage.

In a TikTok video, the mum explained she was one of six and that she grew up 'very poor' so never had many presents under the Christmas tree.

She added: "My family just couldn't afford very much so when we got pregnant I stressed to my man that I do not ever want to go overboard on our daughter for Christmas."

Sarah revealed that she didn't want her kid to think Santa would bring lots of presents every year in case one year she can't afford to do it.

So instead, the mum got a personalised Christmas sack which she plans to fill up with presents each year and that's all her daughter will get.


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The mum added: "No more, no less, that's all she gets.

"Which, quite honestly, I feel like is enough."

She added she will continue to just fill the sack for her in years to come so that she doesn't get 'too spoilt at Christmas time.'

Sarah ended the video by saying that this is something her family will stick to and that other families can do as they please.

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The video soon went viral with over 60k views and many shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Many praised the mum for not overspending, while others claimed she was taking the magic out of the festive day.

One wrote: "I have childhood trauma that causes me to overbuy for my kids because I want them to have what I didn’t."

Another person commented: "But with you struggling why not wanna give her more & better than you had? Like that’s the whole point I’m working hard, being able to give your kids"

A third penned: "My family spoils us and I mean I don't expect gifts but that's just us."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I love this. It's the memories they will remember most I really don't remember one toy from childhood I remember the things we did."

"That’s a great idea and tradition for her! She will always remember the Sac! Good job Mama," a fifth claimed.

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