I'm a piercer but will never do these four piercings – they're just not worth the trouble and cause way too many issues | The Sun

I'm a piercer but will never do these four piercings – they're just not worth the trouble and cause way too many issues | The Sun


A PIERCING studio has revealed the four ones it refuses to do – including one in the hand.

Metal Morphosis is used to embellishing people’s ears and faces with jewels and studs.

But the studio divulged on Tik Tok that there are four types of piercings it will never offer. 

The first one is a tongue web piercing which sits underneath your tongue on the bit of skin that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth. 

It is such a rogue choice that not everyone has enough skin under their tongue to be able to get it done.

Metal Morphosis said: “It goes through such a tiny bit of skin that it can easily tear or migrate.

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“And it's prone to a lot of plaque and calculus build up on the bar.” 

The second is a snug piercing which sits in the middle of your ear and needs to pierce through a chunky cartilage to be where it should be.

Most piercers consider it one of the most painful places to get jewelled. 

Metal Morphosis, which is based in Hackney, London said: “It’s super hard to heal.

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“It goes through so many layers of cartilage, therefore takes so long to fully heal.

“People come back with so many issues.

“It’s just not worth the trouble when you can simulate a snug piercing with a conch and a helix! Which looks basically the same!”

The third is snake eyes piercing – where two studs sit on the front of your tongue to look like a snake is poking through when you stick your tongue out.

The piercing salon explained why it doesn’t like this one: “Snake eyes damage your tooth enamel, can cause scarring and distort your tongue.”

The fourth piercing Metal Morphosis doesn’t offer is finger dermals.

Dermal piercings are piercings that are anchored inside the skin and don’t have an exit point.

One in your finger would be prone to snagging which may cause a scar if accidentally ripped out.

People praised the piercing studio for its "good standards" and willingness to educate people on what piercings it's worth going under the needle for.

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