I'm a size 3X & did a Shein swimwear haul – I loved the two-piece but it showed off more than I'd bargained for | The Sun

I'm a size 3X & did a Shein swimwear haul – I loved the two-piece but it showed off more than I'd bargained for | The Sun


A WOMAN who wears a size 3X has shared her latest Shein swim haul on TikTok and they showed off a little more than she expected.

One curvy woman shared a video online of her try-on of two Shein bikinis, sharing her praises and concerns about the swimsuits.

TikTok user Nakiya Peterkin, known asnakiyap on the platform, reviews two Shein swimsuits in a two-minute TikTok video and expresses her thoughts about the fit, colors and quality of the pieces.

Peterkin bought the size 3X swimsuits after undergoing a weight loss journey over the last year.

Body confidence is a major focus of Peterkin's life shown through her social content and video commentary.

As plus-size fashion becomes more inclusive, she also addresses in the video whether or not she has the confidence to wear the bikinis out in public yet.


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The first bathing suit Peterkin tries on is the Halter Triangle Tie Side Bikini Swimsuit, $8, in a nude-brown color.

From the initial try-on, Peterkin says that she likes the fit but was concerned about the exposure around her buttocks region.

The bikini also appears to look very similar to the TikTok user's skin color.

In addition, a little bit of white fabric is exposed, as she wears the bikini top, and she struggles to get it to adjust properly around her bust.

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There may be a slight fit concern with the halter bikini top, but Peterkin still says that she likes the swim set.

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to wear it just yet. Maybe give it, like, one more month. Maybe," she adds as an afterthought.

The next swimsuit on the list to review is the same swimsuit in a size 3X but in Royal Blue.

It is the same bikini style as the previous brown swimsuit, and provides similar issues.

Almost immediately after trying on the blue color, the fabric of the white lining is visible along the halter bikini top.

Peterkin recognized the issue and adjusted the top, revealing that the issue could be rectified because it's related to fit.

"Ahhh…Spicy! I like the blue," she says as she smiles and touches the garment in front of the camera.

This may be due to the fact that blue is Peterkin's favorite color, she mentions.

"It's giving. It's giving," she confidently states.

As Peterkin closes out the video, she makes a body-positive statement to all women, encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones.

"If you feel confident in it, put it on. If you don't feel confident in it, put it on. You might not wear it out the house just yet but put it on," she urges.

Peterkin's confidence and body-positive message was met with praise in the comment section of the video by many.

" Confidence is everything hun. Love the blue," one user commented.

" Love the blue. You go girl with your awesome self," a viewer praised in the comments.

One viewer even commented that they wish they were more confident like Peterkin and admired her.

"Confidence comes from standing in your truth and loving what you see. It’s a choice and it does take time, but you can have it too," she boldy replied to the viewer.

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