I’m a traveller, people call me inbred and I’m followed around shops by staff but I’m proud of my lifestyle

I’m a traveller, people call me inbred and I’m followed around shops by staff but I’m proud of my lifestyle


A TRAVELLER has revealed some of the cruel comments she has received due to her lifestyle, including being called “inbred”.

Mandy Marie Gavin, who posts on TikTok as @mandy_marie_gavin, shared a series of videos saying how she is proud of her lifestyle.

Mandy uploaded a video saying trolls have labelled her an “inbred b*****d” in the past.

She also said that she has been barred from shops and even followed around while she browsed due to being a traveller.

The traveller also revealed that people say they are “afraid” of her as she is a traveller and that she finds it “sad” as she is “actually really nice”.

Despite any criticism, the Irish traveller added in a third clip that she is "proud to be a traveller.”


Her videos have racked up over 200,000 likes and she now has 19,000 followers.

Many people were quick to leap to her defence.

One said: “Pay no heed to negative comments, you are beautiful.”

Another added: “Don’t rise to the hate, they are just jealous.”

And a third wrote: “In fairness it is probably them being intimidated by you as you are really pretty.”

There are many videos on her TikTok where she talks about the travelling community, including how proud she it to “be a traveller” and why they keep plastic on their seats in their caravans. 

She says: “In a caravan, like 90 per cent of them, you can’t actually remove the material, so if it gets stained or if something spills on it, that’s it, it gets ruined and I just wouldn’t be able to look at that. 

“So this is why we keep the plastic on the seats, if anything spills or anything like that you can easily wipe, and about every month or so we just take that plastic off and put new plastic on it, and we sellotape it. It’s not uncomfortable or anything like that.”

And some people loved the savvy idea, with one saying: “I would love them on my sofa, thank (SIC) its a great idea.” 

Another said: “Who else grew up in the 80s/90s with plastic on your couches? My mother had sense. I'm sick of washing mine.”

And this 18-year-old traveller is married, living in a caravan stuffed full of clothes.

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