I’m an interior design pro – how to make your home look more expensive for less than $30 | The Sun

I’m an interior design pro – how to make your home look more expensive for less than $30 | The Sun


WANT to make your home look more expensive without actually spending more money?

One interior design pro shared the solution to the home decor budget conundrum.

Brittany Vasseur is a video content creator who post videos about the home, life hacks, beauty tips, and product reviews.

She took to YouTube to share over 20 ways to make a home look more expensive under $30.

Her first tip is to use your television as a work of art.

"All you need is either the Chromecast or fire stick where you can get the YouTube app," she said. "Go onto the YouTube app and search for background."


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She showed viewers how a simple television on the wall can transform into a work of art.

"So you just have that playing and it looks like artwork on your TV," she said. "So your television becomes the frame TV."

She offered alternatives for expensive home decor items — many of which looked identical to the pricier, name-brand versions.

“These wood links are very popular in home decor,” she said. “You could put them on bookshelves on coffee tables.”

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The links retail for $17 on Amazon — a steal compared to the designer version.

“The original from West Elm is $110,” she added. “This one right here — under 20 bucks. It looks nearly identical.”

She also revealed ways to keep the home more organized, while staying on a budget.

One pet-peeve Vasseur mentioned is having sunglasses scattered around the home.

She offered a budget-friendly solution — an eyeglass frame stand, retailing for $14.99.

"It's this really nice stacked acrylic and you can have your sunglasses nicely displayed," she raved. "It looks so sleek."

Viewers seeking home improvement on a budget rejoiced in the comments.

"Thanks for all the great tips!" one wrote. "Can't wait to put artwork on my TV."

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