I’m an interior design pro – make your home look more expensive on a budget with my Ikea favorite | The Sun

I’m an interior design pro – make your home look more expensive on a budget with my Ikea favorite | The Sun


THIS interior design aficionado has all the tips and tricks for making any home look more expensive and high quality on a budget, including one specific item from Ikea.

According to a video posted by interior design expert Kristen McGowan, who goes by the username @kristenmccgowan on TikTok, there's one product from Ikea that can liven up the energy and quality of your bedroom.

Ikea's pillow inserts are a hidden gem that you didn't know existed, Kristen explains.

"[If] you're looking to decorate your bedroom or your sofas, definitely get these pillow inserts, you can get them in different sizes," Kristen says.

Kristen recommends shoppers get the 26×26 inserts for the fluffiest pillows possible.

"You can get them in different sizes, I like choosing the 26×26 so I can get big, fluffy pillows on a budget," she says.

Not only that, but Kristen recommends that you put the inserts inside nice linen pillow covers for a more expensive, quality look.

"I use these inside of linen pillow covers and you end up with a very high-end look, and you can totally do it on a budget," she notes.

Per Kristen, the inserts themselves are also super shapable and malleable for anyone's needs in their bedroom, living room, etcetera.

Not to mention, the price for the inserts is only $14 each according to Kristen, making them relatively affordable for many.

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"The inserts are just 14 dollars, so you can get a bunch of these and switch the covers up as you need," she says.

It is true, according to Ikea's official website, the 26×26 inserts are about $14.

If you're looking for smaller sizes, the 20×20 is half that price depending on the brand.

One 20×20 is only $4 for those looking, plus the cost of the linen covers.

Ikea also has a decent selection of pillow and cushion covers, with prices ranging from around $8 to $20 depending.

Either way, as Kristen explains, the inserts paired with quality linen covers could surely make for a nice addition to a room that appears to be a high-end touch.

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