Kate Middleton's pal who runs posh sex club reveals saucy goings on – including '50 Shades' dungeon with special saddle

Kate Middleton's pal who runs posh sex club reveals saucy goings on – including '50 Shades' dungeon with special saddle


AN OLD school friend of Kate Middleton has revealed what goes on inside the elite parties of her posh sex club.

Emma Sayle has revealed that tickets to her exclusive events, which can cost up to £400 for couples, give access to events in luxurious surroundings around the world – and there's always a Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired BDSM dungeon playroom.

The 41-year-old businesswoman – who founded Killing Kittens in 2005 – went to the same all-girls boarding school, Downe House, as the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, and has been pictured with the royal mum-of-three numerous times over the years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Emma explained that attendees to the soirées held by her upmarket sex brand, which has been valued at £10 million, are "high-flyers" who include CEOs, business owners and directors.

Privacy is ensured with all guests forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, mobile phones are banned, and everyone has to wear a mask.

After being launched in London, the saucy high-end gatherings now also take place in New York, Venice and Sydney, with expansion to Cape Town happening later this year.

Emma reveals that tickets vary in price – with entry for a single woman often £50, while a ticket for a couple can be as much as £400.

In London, it will get you a cabaret-themed night which includes a dinner and a show with burlesque performers.

There's also now a Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired dungeon playroom, which allows people to explore BDSM "in a very vanilla way".

She explained: "We have a dungeon master and a house dominatrix who show people what it's all about and all the different machines and things that can be used."

This includes a "rideable" sex toy, of which the mum said: "We just discovered the Sybian machines in the last few years, which goes down very well at parties.

"I think mainly because more and more girls are coming, so you get girls going, 'Yeah, I'll give it a go.'"

Emma insisted that women retain all the power at the parties – with men only allowed to turn up if they're invited by a female attendee.

It is also a misconception that you have to get naked as soon as you enter.

The founder said that a lot of people keep their clothes on all night and "come for the atmosphere", but she estimates that around 60 per cent will end up de-robing at some point during the evening.

Emma said: "It's just sort of like being in a cool private party. It's only really if you wander off upstairs or into the back rooms that you might see anything going on."

She insisted that not all couples who attend are swingers and that its a perfect "date night" for couples who want to do something "a bit naughty and a bit risque".

They also facilitate fantasy scenarios for couples who want to spice up their sex life – including one time when someone dressed as Batman kidnapped a man in a London park where he was tied up in a hotel and rescued by his Superwoman.

The name Killing Kittens comes from the saying: "Every time you masturbate…God kills a kitten".

Emma decided to found her sex positive company while partying in Ibiza, and they've seen a "huge surge" in members since the #MeToo movement in 2017.

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