Mrs Hinch fans go crazy over a 27p hack to get rid of slugs in home – and it's already sitting in your kitchen cupboard

Mrs Hinch fans go crazy over a 27p hack to get rid of slugs in home – and it's already sitting in your kitchen cupboard


WITH the weather warming up, it feels as if your home becomes the go-to meeting place for countless pesky critters, slugs included.

Although they're not inherently harmful, finding a slippery trail on your new carpet or flooring is certainly not the best sight to wake up to.

Luckily, fans of the cleanfluencer, Mrs Hinch, have taken it to social media to share a cheap trick, The Express reported.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, 32, has long been a favourite amongst fellow cleaning enthusiasts, with close to 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

The star rose to fame a few years ago with various home hacks and now her fans have even started dedicated cleaning pages on social media.

In one such group, Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips and tricks on Facebook, a member sought advice: “We have a problem with slugs appearing in the kitchen overnight.

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“I’ve noticed trails on the floor in the morning and found the occasional one in a bottom cupboard so have to wash pans prior to using them. 

“Any advice on deterrent please, seeking out where they're coming from.”

Unlike most other insects, slugs have no bones or a hard shell, which makes squeezing through extremely tiny cracks a piece of cake.

These pesky critters have been blessed with a very good sense of smell and are often attracted to kitchens or pantries.

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Fortunately for the desperate Sue, her Facebook post was inundated with comments from fellow Mrs Hinch fanatics sharing their best advice.

Of all the comments, the most popular recommendation involved using something that's already sitting in your kitchen – table salt.

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One woman wrote: “Put salt at the base of the walls of your house, it’s the cheapest way to get rid of them once and for all.”

Another vouched for the inexpensive trick too: '“Scatter salt at night, it’ll definitely kill them.”

A whizz joined the conversation explaining it's most likely that slugs are coming from the kitchen sink.

“They crawl up the pipe from outside and out through the plughole. 

“Put some salt down the plughole to keep them out and put the stopper in.”

Sandra Slack advised: “Salt, put it down every night, that will get rid of them besides your doors and air bricks.

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“Plus, to stop them coming into your garden, put salt down there as well.”

Table salt can be purchased from Tesco or Sainsbury’s for as little as 27p.

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