Mum-of-16 reveals what a fridge for a massive family really looks like – including an entire shelf just for eggs

Mum-of-16 reveals what a fridge for a massive family really looks like – including an entire shelf just for eggs


A MUM-of-16 has revealed how she organises her numerous fridges and freezers – which include a whole shelf just for eggs. 

Jeni Bonell, from Australia, revealed she was embarking on the mammoth task of cleaning, sorting and restocking her five appliances.

Speaking on a YouTube clip, Jeni said: “We’ve got a large deep freeze, we’ve got two top-mount fridge freezers, a large 'pigeon pair' inside which is a full fridge and full freezer. 

“We keep that pretty stocked most times.”

Helped by two of her daughters, they take out all the food before wiping down the inside, and the shelves. 

Jeni said: “In this fridge we normally keep ice blocks and dessert food. Mainly drinks, like soft drinks, then down the bottom we got all the eggs.”

She pans the camera down to reveal 10 large packs of eggs, as she admitted “That’s about all we keep in here.

"This is normally the spill-over fridge where we keep the extra."

The other freezer is where Jeni stores all her meal prep, and she has a handy method to make cooking a breeze.

Sharing a snap of the perfectly organised section, she said: “The top freezer is normally for our freezer meals, so all of our pre-prepped chicken and beef meals.”

The mum has neat rows of plastic containers, with red wine and garlic, Chinese beef, satay chicken, smoky barbecue and soy, honey and garlic written on the side. 

She reveals that when she buys meat, such as chicken, she chops it up and pours sauce over it – then freezes it. 

It means when she comes to defrost or cook it, it’s ready to be tossed straight into a meal. 

And she also runs a tight ship when it comes to her chest freezer, although she admitted: “I love our big freezer but in a perfect world I would probably have lage industrial full stand-up freezers.” 

She films the ‘frosty’ freezer, which has bags of vegetables, chips and various cuts of meat thrown in. 

Jeni rolls up her sleeves to sort through it all, as she reveal she prints off a list so she can mark down exactly what she has. 

Jeni shares her two sides of A4 which she divided into vegetables, meat, sundries such as bread, as well as desserts. 

As she sorts through the food – after pulling it all out and naming it ‘mount st. frozen vegetables’ – she counts up every single item.

It means next time she goes shopping she knows exactly what to buy, and plans meals in advance using what she has in the freezer. 

Her count includes 14 pork roasts alone, 11 packs of various sausages and six tubs of ice-cream. 

And she shared another nifty shopping tip she uses to make grocery shopping run smoother.

She said: “I will buy it [meat] per meal, I try and make it so that I don't have spares with packs of meat. 

“So if we need two packs for a meal I will buy it in lots of two, or three or four or whatever we need per meal. 

“The same with the vegetables, try and keep stock that is per meal for our size family. It’s quite a bit.” 

Parents Jeni and Ray have 16 kids including Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn.

The family regularly share insights into their hectic life on Instagram and YouTube, with Jeni saying she’s ‘blessed’ to have so many kids.

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