Mum-of-22 Sue Radford shows off eye-watering food pile ahead of Euros 2020 final – as the family cheer on England

Mum-of-22 Sue Radford shows off eye-watering food pile ahead of Euros 2020 final – as the family cheer on England


GETTING the whole family round for the football is a little more complicated (and expensive) when you're part of the Radford family.

The mega-clan of 22 people are all set to watch tonight's historic match and they've got stacks of snacks ready to enjoy during the game.

Mum Sue, uploaded a video to the family's Instagram account displaying all kinds of goodies ready for the family.

There are bottles of Fanta, piles of chocolate, crisps and biscuits plus a bottle of fancy Lanson Champagne to toast England's win.

It's not the first time the huge family have gotten excited for the beautiful game.

On Wednesday, after they beat Denmark, the family sat down with McDonald's en masse to enjoy the game (all except the very little ones).

Items in the Radford’s footy food piles

The stacks of food are so big we’ve almost certainly missed something, but from what we can see, the family have stocked up on:

Jacob's cracker crisps (Salt & vinegar)

M&Ms and Crispy M&Ms

Cadbury's Dairy Milk



Cocktail sausages

Sausage rolls

Doritos – two family bags


Raspberries and strawberries




Ben & Jerry's Peace Pops

Flake Cornettos

Roasted nuts


Cakes and doughnuts

Pasta salad



Cream (for the cakes maybe?)




Fab lollies


Bread rolls


The date just so happened to coincide with Josh's 14th birthday.

Dad Noel said even Casper, eight, could stay up as we expect loads of little kids will on Sunday night.

Some schools have even said children can come in later.

"It's McDonad's, jarmies on, couple of the little tiny ones off to bed then England, said Noel.

"You can watch it off course Casper."

"Are you going to be cheering on England?" he asked his younger daughters.

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