Mum shares easy parenting hacks to help with potty training – including a genius bed sheet tip

Mum shares easy parenting hacks to help with potty training – including a genius bed sheet tip


SEEING your small ones become more independent is the best reward as a parent – their first steps, learning how to feed themselves and probably the most exciting – potty training.

Although the relief of not having to deal with dirty nappies is a great one – not to mention how much money you start saving – we all know the struggle and stress that come with it.

But Gwenna Laithland, whose TikTok account @mommaaccusses has reached 2 million fans, has revealed her tips to help those parents who’ve just embarked on the messy toilet training journey.

In her video, titled “Parenting Hacks I Wish I’d Known About A Lot Sooner: Potty Training Edition’’, the TikTok famous mom from Oklahoma, the USA, mentions something everyone in her household calls as “the super-potty weekend’’. 

“That means no diapers, no pull-ups during the day. Just big kid undies and a lot of mopping up.’’

Another hack which has worked with the Laithland parents is leaving the potties in the living room. “Then they can watch TV while they sit and try,’’ she explains.

The mother of two toddlers is then seen shaking a jar of m&m’s chocolates. “Don’t come for me. It’s working for us!’’ 


Despite all the efforts, Gwenna admits that, on occasions, accidents do happen.

But to all of us worried about getting furniture ruined, she shows how to use old bed sheets to prevent sofas and chairs from getting drenched with unpleasant liquids.

“We’ve wrapped all of our soft furniture in old crib sheets just to preserve the upholstery a little bit. It’s not foolproof and the cushions might still get wet. But it helps!’’

“Thank you for saving me so many tears,’’ a comment left by “a mother that has no idea what she’s doing.’’

There were many fellow TikTok parents who also shared what worked for their kids. 

One user wrote: “Try a dot of colored dawn dish soap in the toilet. Tell them it changes colors.. (16 year nanny) it practices aim for boys too.’’

Another mom of potty-trained-to-be said she would definitely be trying that and added: “I heard Cheerios and “targets’’ help.’’

Christina Schwab, a mom of two girls, commented: “a bucket of cheap toys and stickers every time they went to the potty no matter if they went.’’

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