Mum shares genius Wish List tip which stops kids throwing tantrums when out shopping in the run-up to Christmas | The Sun

Mum shares genius Wish List tip which stops kids throwing tantrums when out shopping in the run-up to Christmas | The Sun


IT can be incredible stressful as a parent when your child throws a tantrum in the toy store over something they want.

But one mum has shared a clever trick to stop those tears from starting.

She took to TikTok to share the genius tip, as she began: "I have been stopped so many times by random strangers in grocery stores, in toy stores. 

"When people see this tip in action, they think it’s amazing.

"So let’s talk about the Wish List."

Continuing to explain the trick, she said: "You’re walking through a store, your kid finds something they like, they pick it up, they bring it up to you, they ask for it. 

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"Instead of saying put it back, not right now, maybe later, stop touching things, you just say – do you wanna add it to your Wish List?

"Of course their answer is going to be yes.

"So get the kid to hold the thing up, take a picture of them, there we go! It’s on their wish list."

She added that while the child will often put things on the Wish List that they don't actually want, you can go through and delete options you know they are going to forget about.

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"But honestly this thing is so helpful," she said.

"You’re going to notice patterns like, I probably have four or five pictures of my youngest daughter holding fuzzy backpacks.

"So I know when it comes time for Christmas or her birthday, a fuzzy backpack is going to be a hit.

"This is also really great for when grandparents or friends text you asking what your child wants for their birthday or for Christmas… here is their Wish List."

The tip is also perfect to use in the run-up to Christmas.

"Last year I did this, plus I changed my best friend's name and picture in my phone to 'Santa'," one person commented on the video.

"She would play along with my daughter when we would text wishlist pictures to Santa."

"We do this and it works wonders!" another added.

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"I actively show them me adding it to the list I have on my phone.

"It's so handy and avoids meltdowns in the store."

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