Professional organizer reveals her best tip to downsizing your closet – and it takes just three seconds

Professional organizer reveals her best tip to downsizing your closet – and it takes just three seconds


A PROFESSIONAL organizer has revealed her go-to tip for downsizing her clients’ closets. 

It’s a simple “game” and only takes three seconds. 

“It’s a tool … I created that helps my clients make confident and quick decisions when they are purging,” home organizer Kayleen Kelly said in a video she posted to TikTok.

She then explained her tip through an example of someone wanting to purge their T-shirt collection. 

“So you collect every single one you have and you’re gonna put them in a pile. 

“Now you’re gonna make a decision on each T-shirt and it’s either going to be a yes, you keep it, or no, it goes,” she said.

She then advised that the decision should be made in three seconds, but if you hesitate, “it’s an automatic keep.”

“This works so well because when you have that time crunch you’re making decisions from your gut and you’re not giving your brain time to tell you all the reasons why you have to keep it,” Kayleen stated.

“It also kind of turns it into a speed round game [and] adds a little bit of excitement for this process that can kind of be grueling and slow.”

The professional organizer also mentioned the tip works super well for those with ADHD and others who are neurodivergent.

“This ensures that you’re making comfortable and confident decisions on your items,” she concluded. 

Many folks in the comment section were a bit anxious to try the three-second trick, and one person specifically mentioned they were nervous they wouldn’t be able to let go of their belongings when the time came.

Fortunately, decluttering expert Vicky Silverthorn previously shared with The Sun her advice for those who find it hard parting with their stuff. 

“A lot of us make the mistake of putting the sentimental stamp on items purely because we have had them for a long time,” she wrote. 

“But ask yourself: ‘Is it my taste? Do I have space for it? And am I going to use it?’ 

“Keep only those objects you genuinely love.”

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