Rael's Face Anything Kit Syncs Sheet Masks With Your Menstrual Cycle

Rael's Face Anything Kit Syncs Sheet Masks With Your Menstrual Cycle


Hormones are always up to something — from the great journey from puberty to menopause — and they can have a huge effect on our skin. Even throughout the month, as we rotate through the stages in our menstrual cycle, it's no secret that our skin expresses itself based on the hormonal warfare taking place in our bodies.

Rael, a brand that bills itself as "holistic menstrual care for all womankind," gets it. Its product lineup includes customer-loved pimple patches, three-step skincare sets, and all-over body care, but no offering understands the ever-changing nature of our skin better than its Face Anything Kit.

The kit includes four types of facial sheet masks, each corresponding to a phase of the menstrual cycle. It takes into account the occurrence of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body at a given time, and has formulated nourishing solutions to best take on their symptoms.

During the menstrual phase, days one through seven, Rael recommends using its Hydration Mask, as the skin tends to be sensitive and dry. For days seven through 14, during the follicular phase, it recommends the Collagen Mask, which plumps and supports the skin at its naturally healthiest. Through ovulation, days 14 to 21, opt for the Vitamin C Mask, which combats dullness with a rush of antioxidants. Lastly, during the luteal phase, which many of us know as PMS, increased oil production can lead to breakouts. Rael's Tea Tree Mask harnesses the natural ingredient to calm pimples and prevent clogged pores.

Rael Bamboo Face Sheet Mask, Variety Pack

Shop now: $45; amazon.com

Amazon reviewers who've tried the masks seem overjoyed by the results. "I've used a lot of face masks in my time, but these were just amazing," wrote one. "They made my face feel so hydrated during AND after! I have pretty dry skin even after using face masks, but I cannot stress how refreshed I feel with these!"

"These customized masks for each unique skin situation," wrote another. "I like using Tea Tree during my cycle to calm down any hormonal breakouts, Hydration for after a long plane ride, Vitamin C before girl's night out, and Collagen anytime I want to add extra TLC to my nightly skincare routine. The packaging was so eye-catching and a set of 20 masks costs less than a spa facial so I couldn't resist!"

The boxed set includes five of each type of mask, for a total of 20 masks — enough to use nearly every day of your cycle, should you choose. More likely, you'll enjoy one to two masks per phase and be able to keep your skin in check over several months before needing to restock.

The 20-piece set costs $45 on Amazon, which comes out to just $2.25 per mask, a low daily investment for keeping fluctuating skin happy. If you run out of a particular formula first, Rael also sells each mask type individually, for $12 to $15 per pack of five.

Shop the facial sheet masks unafraid to take on fluctuating skin for as little as $2.25 apiece on Amazon.

Rael Bamboo Face Sheet Mask, Hydration

Shop now: $15; amazon.com

Rael Bamboo Face Sheet Mask, Collagen

Shop now: $15; amazon.com

Rael Bamboo Face Sheet Mask, Vitamin C

Shop now: $12; amazon.com

Rael Bamboo Face Sheet Mask, Tea Tree

Shop now: $12 (Originally $13); amazon.com

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