Shoppers are raving about George at Asda’s new winter line of luxe coats, cosy loungewear and prices start at just £5

Shoppers are raving about George at Asda’s new winter line of luxe coats, cosy loungewear and prices start at just £5


MANY of us tend to visit Asda to do our weekly food shop and are huge fans of the reasonable prices.

But now, shoppers are raving about George at Asda’s new Autumn/Winter line of clothing.

And not only is the new line full of gorgeous clothing, but it’s super affordable too. 

The new collection is packed full of luxe coats, cosy loungewear and on-trend denim and prices start from just £5. 

If you’re a fan of whites, neutrals and beiges, you need to check this out. 

Many people have shared their favourite bargain finds to TikTok, with shoppers going crazy for the new-in items. 

Catrina Hogg posted her Asda clothing haul to her TikTok account with the caption ‘PSA!!! Run, don't walk to Asda!!!!!’

Catrina is seen with two huge shopping bags, bursting at the seams full of clothes from Asda’s new line. 

She said: “This is a public service announcement to run, not walk to Asda because yesterday I went in to buy some salad and came out with these.

“So I’m going to show you what I got.

“I was literally shook.

“So, I’m gonna get started."

Firstly Catrina shares a cream teddy bear jacket.

She said: “So first off is a really strong contender and it is this jacket, it is so cute.

“This is incredible – £28 and look at it."

Next, Catrina shows us a gorgeous midaxi dress.

She added: “Most of these are winter essentials but this is a midaxi dress, it’s got this little cute front.

“This is really thick and you can layer as well.

“I just think it’s amazing.

“And it was literally £16…£16!"

Then Catrina shows a gorgeous cable knit grey jumper that we are obsessed with.

She said: “And then I got this little jumper – it’s so cute, it’s so ridiculously soft.

“It’s not the thickest material ever but it’s so soft and it will be good for layering on those days when it’s slightly warmer but it’s still cold and you want to wear a jumper. 

“But yeah, I think it’s so sweet and I love this neckline at the minute.

“And this was £16 and it’s literally so cute, I couldn’t even believe how well I’ve done here."

Next up are some wardrobe staples.

Catrina said: “Then I just got two little white and black t-shirts, they are easy, everyone needs them.

“They were £5 each."

Following this is a gorgeous oversized jumper that we NEED in our wardrobes.

She said: “And then I got this jumper which is just gorgeous, oversized and I want to wear shirts underneath it.

“I just think it’s really sweet, gorgeous!

“And it was £16 – you can’t be mad at that, you just can’t."

Catrina also showed a super cute striped collared top.

She added: “And then I got this – I am in love with this, I think it’s gorgeous.

“It’s giving me Blair Waldorf vibes.

“So cute I literally love it.

“And it was £14 – £14 I can’t even!"

Finally, Catrina shares a gorgeous beige romper that is perfect for lounging around in.

She said: “I think this is potentially my favourite item out of everything – it’s this little playsuit, romper thing, again with the lovely neckline.

“Again, it’s so thick and it was £22. 

“Well done Asda, I take my hat off to you.”


Clearly the video has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 556,400 views. 

The video has 45,600 likes, 505 comments and 1,275 shares. 

One person said: “No joke Asda has upped their game! Went for a food shop last week and my bf came back with 3 shirts and a pair of trousers, I thought they were Zara!” 

Another added: “I love Asda lochtes, the quality is amazing and prices very reasonable.”

A third commented: “Love it all!! Brb off to Asda.” 

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