Spray tan expert reveals why you should NEVER rock up to your appointment wearing deodorant

Spray tan expert reveals why you should NEVER rock up to your appointment wearing deodorant


IF THERE'S one thing you need to remember before having a spray tan, it's not to apply deodorant before your appointment.

Doing so is considered a sin by spray tan artists, with one expert explaining that freshening up your pits can result in them turning green.

TikTok user Taylah Elliott has shared why it is "crucial" to carry out the correct prep before indulging in a spray tan if you want to achieve that perfect golden glow.

She revealed that there's parts of your daily routine you'll want to skip out on, as if not it can impact on the colour of your finished tan.

"Your prep prior to a spray tan is crucial to a good, even tan," she insisted in a video she shared online that teased she always knows when her spray tan clients have not done as she's asked.

"I promise I didn't wear deodorant today," she teases, before the camera cuts to her holding up her spray tan equipment and lip-syncing the lyrics: "You don't have to say, just what you did, I already know."

She warned: "Do not wear deodorant or body lotion, you’ll go green!!"

After coming across her video, fake tan fans were quick to quiz her on her expert knowledge, with Taylah revealing in the comments that people should also avoid perfume.

Asked if anything else could cause the tan to discolour, the professional explained: "If the solution hasn't been stored correctly, like it's been exposed to air and heat, the solution may oxidise."


"Before your appointment if you have been wearing perfume, body lotions, deodorant [will] also make you turn green. Sweat also turns green," she added.

However, Taylah shared that you can apply body lotion to drier areas of your skin, as long as it's not a gradual tan moisturiser.

One beauty lover asked: "What about lotion on knees/elbows/ankles? I always do this when I tan myself but not when I go for a spray."

Taylah responded: "Yep! Totally fine, those drier areas you can apply moisturiser. Most tan brands have moisturisers for this reason, just no to gradual moisturiser.

"If you were to put gradual tanner moisturiser on before your appointment, you would notice."

Got it? Good.

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