Stripper reveals what she packs in her bag for work & there are a few surprising items

Stripper reveals what she packs in her bag for work & there are a few surprising items


WORKING tough hours while being on their feet, strippers want to make sure they are prepared for anything that comes their way. 

Having to keep up appearance, while staying fresh as well means they need to make sure they are fully equipped.

Stripper Megan Perez, 25, has revealed just exactly what she packs in her bag ahead of her night at work. 

Sharing to her 28.1k followers on TikTok, Megan says she needs these exact items for every night she heads out.

Demonstrating what she packs in a video, she says she packs her stripper “shoes, glitter body spray, deodorant, mouthwash, setting spray, hold ups, one outfit, some wipes, my bag for money, second outfit just in case, and some perfume.” 

In the comments section, Megan explains that she works in a non contact club, and needs the wet wipes in case someone “spills a drink etc.” 


She continues: “Gotta (SIC) be prepared lol we’re there every day so best to be prepared for all situations.”

In another video, she explained the “day in the life of a UK stripper”. 

Megan says she wakes up at 3pm, and then heads off to work. 

She also mentions a savvy hack to help her feet stop rubbing in the heels so she uses baby powder. 

Megan also explains the reason for packing mouthwash is because she will “often have dinner at work.” 

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