Teacher tells students he has to cancel an exam after being shot, getting covid & in the middle of a 'messy' divorce

Teacher tells students he has to cancel an exam after being shot, getting covid & in the middle of a 'messy' divorce


A TEACHER'S email has gone viral after he told students he had to cancel an exam – claimingher had been shot, caught Covid and was in the midst of a ‘messy’ divorce. 

Screen shots of the message that was supposedly received by his class has since been shared on Twitter by one of the students.

Captioning the tweet, they wrote: “Just received this rollercoaster of an email from one of my professors.”

It said: “Unfortunately, I have to reschedule the exam, and I will have to cancel class on Thursday. 

“Against my best wishes, I have been shot and am being treated in the ER. 

“I also have Covid, and the divorce is getting messy. 

“Office hours are still 11-12 on Mon / Wed, with your TA.

“If I’m alive, the exam will be moved to Monday of next week.

“Keep reviewing the texts, and remember to look over your IDs!”

Following the bizarre email, the student then shared an apparent follow-up email from the professor.

It said: “It seems that my last email went viral on the internet. 

“I appreciate all the replies letting me know. 

“Fortunately, the injury wasn’t too serious, and none of my covid symptoms are serious. 

“The exam is still Monday, and it is asynchronous. 

“Unlike my wife, I expect you not to cheat. Good luck to you all.” 

While there is no proof that the email is legit it has certainly gained a lot of traction, racking up more than 127,000 likes. 

People were in awe of his dedication to his students, with one person saying: “My eyes just kept getting wider the more I read.”

Another wrote: “Is this a poem about 2020?”

A third commented: “This sounds like an email an undergrad would write to get an extension on their term paper.”

While this person added: “I don't know when and what occasion but at least once I want to use the 'against my best wishes I have been shot' sentence.”

However, others were a little more sceptical, claiming that the exchange could have been easily fabricated.

One wrote: "I researched this thoroughly for no fewer than ten minutes and have determined it is a hoax/creative writing exercise. Prove me wrong, please"

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