The famous men who have slept with THOUSANDS of women… but who’s bedded the most?

The famous men who have slept with THOUSANDS of women… but who’s bedded the most?


SEX, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are on the agenda for many of our favourite celebs but some of them take the sex part further than others.

With all the groupies, mega-fans and after-parties some well-known Casanovas have clocked up serious bedroom mileage.

But who are the Lotharios who have managed to charm themselves thousands of notches on their bedposts?

Here’s our countdown of the famous men who have reportedly bedded the most women.

Russell Brand: 1,000

Previously The Sun’s Shagger of the Year, Russell comes in 12th.

He’s bedded a plethora of famous women including Kate Moss, Geri Halliwell, Courtney Love and ex-wife Katie Perry.

More recently Russell has come out in support of celibacy so, provided he keeps to his new vow, he won’t be climbing any higher up our list.

Gary Beadle: 1,000

At the tender age of 28, Gary Beadle has plenty of time to work his way up the ranks.

Despite enjoying an on-off relationship with Geordie Shore co-star Charlotte Crosby, Gary has had sex with over 1,000 women.

He has also been involved in number three and foursomes both on and off screen.

Hugh Hefner: 1,000-2,000

Some may be surprised that the king of Playboy himself hasn’t made it higher up the list but Hugh Hefner has kept his numbers in the vague 1,000-2,000 category.

Hugh insists that he has always been faithful when married but claims to have made up for it in between, perhaps that’s why he hasn’t bedded more bunnies.

His is currently married to blonde bombshell Crystal Harris.

Peter Stringfellow: 2,000

The 75-year-old nightclub mogul claims to have slept with around 2,000 over the course of his life.

Since 2009 Peter’s attentions have been focused on his young wife who, at the age of 33, gave birth to their second child last year.

Jack Nicholson: 2,000

Celebrated actor and notorious womaniser, Jack Nicholson claims to have over 2,000 conquests.

He famously stated that he had slept with women of every legal age, adding: “And their mothers… some of them with their mothers.”

We just hope he remembered to say “Here’s Johnny!” before he got down to business.

Simon Cowell: 2,000

The final celeb joining our 2,000 club, Simon Cowell‘s alternative charm is obviously the perfect recipe for seduction.

Hopefully he doesn’t offer his trademark brand of harsh criticism in the bedroom.

He is currently loved up with Lauren Silverman, the mum of his adorable son Eric.

Mick Jagger: 4,000

Mick Jagger’s legendary moves have kept the traffic between his sheets busier than the M25.

He counts Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Farrah Fawcett among his conquests, not to mention a rumoured fling with David Bowie.

Gene Simmons: 4,600

Kiss frontman and all round lady’s man Gene Simmons comes fifth in our list with a momentous 4,600 bedpost notches.

A post shared by ShannonLeeTweedSimmons (@shannonleetweedsimmons)

A post shared by ShannonLeeTweedSimmons (@shannonleetweedsimmons)

When questioned about the number of women he had slept with, the vintage rocker reportedly said: “A lot of them didn’t get any sleep.”

He is now married to former Playboy beauty Shannon Tweed.

Charlie Sheen: 5,000

Just missing out on the bronze, Charlie Sheen comes in fourth with 5,000 women in his bulging little black book.

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Troubled Charlie Sheen has allegedly bedded stars from Denise Richards to Winona Ryder with a few thousand prostitutes in between.

He famously stated: “I don’t pay prostitutes for sex, I pay them to leave.”

Warren Beatty: 12,000

Although disputed by Warren Beatty himself, an unofficial biography calculated that he had amassed 12,775 lovers (to be precise).

That’s one woman a day from when he lost his virginity at 20 years old to when he got married at 55.

Don’t worry that number doesn’t include: “Daytime quickies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses and so on.”

Wilt Chamberlain: 20,000

Not a household name this side of the Atlantic, but Will Chamberlain is one of America’s most successful NBA players and a notorious womaniser.

If he is to be believed he has had sex with around 20,000 women – that’s just over one a day for his adult life.

Fidel Castro: 35,000

Topping our chart with a staggering 35,000 sexual partners is Cuba dictator Fidel Castro.

He reportedly “had” two women a day, one for lunch and one for dinner for more than four decades.

It’s a wonder he had time for anything else.

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