The signs Prince George idolises ‘nurturing’ William, who has turned his back on ‘cold’ parenting royals were famous for

The signs Prince George idolises ‘nurturing’ William, who has turned his back on ‘cold’ parenting royals were famous for


PRINCE George melted hearts at the Euro 2020 Final, happily hugging his dad Prince William in celebration as England scored their first goal.

The sweet moment was one of many times that the young prince has shown he “idolises” Prince William – and has a very affectionate family life behind palace doors. 

Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, told Fabulous: “Prince Harry claimed cold, unkind parenting has blighted the Royal family for generations. 

“Well that cycle has already been smashed in the Cambridge clan.”

Here are the signs that prove that Prince George looks up to his “nurturing dad”…

Mirrors his body language

Body language expert Judi James said George’s body language as he celebrated the goal shows exactly how much he wants to be like his dad. 

She explained: “His first glance is at William and as he sees his dad celebrate by roaring and air-punching we can see George use postural mimicry and mirroring to respond in almost exactly the same way. 

“After hugging his dad to share the moment of intense celebration, George sets about producing his own personal ritual of joy and the way he throws both arms up and out shows who has learnt them from. 

“He even rubs his nose in a trait that we often see in William and both father and son pull at their trouser belts in matching body language routines.”

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Affection is not for the cameras

Duncan pointed out that when Saka’s penalty miss broke English hearts, William could be seen clutching his son’s shoulder in comfort. 

He said: “It wasn’t for the cameras, it wasn’t to prove some public point, it was an instinctive reaction from a father who loves his son.

“A father who is George’s hero from all accounts, and was desperate to see the Wembley games by his side.”

Wanted to dress like him in a suit

Prince George was also in attendance to see the Three Lions beat Germany 2-0.

The young royal is said to have "twisted William and Kate’s arms" to get to be in the stands, and his choice of a suit was thanks to his dad as "George idolises him".

Duncan told OK! magazine: "That’s why we saw him looking so smart in his suit—he really wanted to dress like William."


Speak at eye level

Judi said that when William speaks to his son we can often see him bending to George’s height and placing a hand on his chest or shoulder. 

She said: “This is bonding by changing his state, i.e. getting down to his son’s level, which was often rare in previous generations of royals.

“Royal children were often expected to act like small adults when they were out in public and the adult royals used to treat them the same, rarely if ever bending to create a more direct form of communication. 

“This meant the small royals often grew up surrounded by a sea of legs rather than the powerful facial expressions and subtle fluctuations in vocal tone that George will be getting from his dad. 

“The bending to speak and the touch ritual create a closeness and helps them tune into one another in a way that previous royals rarely could.”

Will sing together and play games

Despite having a highly trained Norland nanny for his kids, ­William has been keen to get stuck into parenting duties.

A source told Fabulous: “William changed Prince George’s nappy in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, London, after he was born.

“He is not squeamish and has changed nappies for all of his three children, even in the back of his Range Rover when there has been an ‘unexpected accident’.”

He especially loves driving Charlotte and George to their £17,000-a-year south London school Thomas’s Battersea — and will sing to them on the journey.

The source said: “He will often test them on homework, sing a song or play I Spy en route.”

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George has a 'loving' home

William has stressed the importance of giving his kids as steady an upbringing as possible.

He told GQ magazine: “I want to bring up my children in a happy, stable, secure world and that is so important to both of us as parents.

“I want George to grow up in a real, loving environment.

“I don’t want him growing up behind palace walls — he has to be out there.”

It wasn’t for the cameras, it wasn’t to prove some public point, it was an instinctive reaction from a father who loves his son.

Duncan concluded: “Prince Harry may well be right in his less than complimentary assessment of his ancestor’s parenting track record. 

“However, the Cambridges are a strong, loving and united clan, content in their own shoes and squeezing the best out of the hand they’ve been dealt. 

“As rare glimpses of a future king go, the appearances at the Euros give a lot to be positive about the young boy who is one day destined to rule over us all. 

“He will – if nothing else – grow up surrounded by his loving family and safe from the cycle which – according to Uncle Harry – blighted those who went before.”

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