These Under-$40 Sneakers Are a Favorite Among Shoppers Who Stand on Their Feet All Day

These Under-$40 Sneakers Are a Favorite Among Shoppers Who Stand on Their Feet All Day


When it comes to working out, it’s important to be mindful of your shoes. Aside from comfort levels and breathable fabrics, shoes should also be durable and safe.Running shoes and sneakers are typically on the pricey side, and those with more affordable price tags don’t always have the best reviews. That’s where the Zonkim Nonslip Womens Running Shoes come into play, and trust me, they’re a tried-and-true all-round great buy. 

Upon first look, these sleek sneakers look just as legit as more expensive pairs, but the benefits go well beyond their appearance. For starters, there’s a rubber sole so you can comfortably walk, run, and even hike in these Amazon-favorite shoes. Their foam insole is also a top selling point among customers because it allows the shoes to bend and fold with movement, rather than being too stiff. The soles also wick away moisture, so your feet won’t overheat or get too sweaty as you move. 

And like with all running shoes, you’d want them to be breathable. The mesh fabric offers  plenty of airinessas you work out or get errands done, and helps keep the sneakers free from odor. The grain design at the bottom provides a secure grip — even on wet surfaces. One Amazon shopper actually shared a video of themselves wearing these shoes on a greasy floor without slipping.

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Another big concern when purchasing running shoes is safety. While shoppers claim they’ve helped alleviate foot pain, the shoes are designed to keep your ankles and toes extra protected. Their flexibility prevents your feet from experiencing sharp pain and reduces the risk of sprained ankles. 

I can personally say that these are the most comfortable pair of workout shoes I’ve ever owned. I’ve had mine for over eight months now and the quality is just as good as the day I first bought them. I wear them to the gym for strength training and cardio days, but also throw them on when it’s time to walk my dog or head to the supermarket. These are absolutely one of my top purchases of the past year, and as a shopping writer, that’s truly saying something. 

Amazon shoppers agree, saying they’re worth the hype and can withstand long hours of wear. “They are super lightweight and have been comfortable for the five hours I’m on my feet two nights in a row,” one shared. “I work in a grocery store back room for eight-plus hours a day, and depending on the day I'm walking, sitting, crouching, etc. These shoes have held up really well,” said another. 

You can get these affordable and comfortable running shoes on Amazon right now, starting at $28.99. 

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