This 10-Minute Plumping Mask Is My Secret for Super Glowy Skin

This 10-Minute Plumping Mask Is My Secret for Super Glowy Skin


I can attest that many high-end facial masks aren't worth the price. Affordable skincare can offer just as many visible results — if you took a look in my bathroom, you'd notice the near-empty jars don't have luxury packaging or even cost much more than $15. But every now and again, one higher-priced formulation truly impresses me and proves it's worth every single penny. And as of late, that's the M.S Skincare Jaipur Brightening Enzyme Mask.

This mask sold out three times this past year, likely because it offers multiple benefits in one gentle formulation. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, combats acne, sheds dead skin cells, and minimizes dryness and redness, to name a few. Three key ingredients are the reason why: glycolic acid brings many generous benefits to the skin, such as boosting collagen production, lightening dark spots, and shrinking pore visibility; pumpkin enzymes control excess oil, soften the skin, and soothe painful acne; and neem oil brings healthy fatty acids and calms inflammation. 

Jaipur Brightening Enzyme Mask

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My skin has been going through it lately. Between dullness, acne marks, dry patches, and visible pores, I've been feeling less than confident in my complexion. But after using the mask just once, my skin was brighter, smoother, and significantly less inflamed. How my sensitive skin reacts to exfoliants such as glycolic acid can be unpredictable, but I experienced zero negative reactions this time. From now on, I'm reaching for the mask whenever my face needs a serious pick-me-up. 

This product is less under the radar than you might think. It's already raked in high remarks from shoppers, who say it leaves their skin with a "subtle glow." 

"Everything that is promised about this mask is true and then some! My skin is clearer, more plumped and glowing beyond my wildest expectations," wrote one reviewer. "Well worth the money with all the quality ingredients. Run, don't walk to buy this mask!"

"This is amazing," said another. "I've used other enzyme treatments, but never an ayurvedic one with [oils] like sandalwood. This stuff works wonders — my skin is so soft and just glows after using this. Plus you don't need to use a lot so it looks like it will last a long time!"

Head over to M.S Skincare to grab the magic antidote that is the Jaipur Brightening Enzyme Mask.

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